Thursday, October 5, 2017

what happens when you go to target for jeans

Last weekend while at my cousin's house, she mentioned that she went shopping for jeans and found that Mom Jeans were coming back into style. All us women had the same reaction: Hellll no! Though we then lamented the perils of lower-cut jeans, which lead to muffin top. Another cousin said forget the muffin top; he had an entire Bundt cake! 

(My kind of muffin top) source

On Sunday when I was looking through the Chicago Tribune, I noticed the Target flyer was advertising that they were having a "buy one, get another one 50% off" jeans sale. The models on the front of the flyer were wearing different colored jeans - not Mom Jeans! -  and it looked like they had some nice colors for fall. I need a couple of pairs of new jeans, so I headed to Target.

This is what ended up in my cart.

Notice you don't see any jeans. More on that in a minute.

Ooh, hello pretty fall placemats and wooden bread bowl and pillar candle holder. And Target is no dummy with that cute little dollar section the minute you walk in the door. That's where I found the pumpkin string lights ($3) and the recipe box ($5).


When I got home from shopping and unloaded my wares onto the kitchen table, Clementine immediately claimed the bread bowl and Monkey, the Trader Joe's flyer.


I ended up using the placemats as a runner. My kitchen table is small, so store-bought standard sized runners are way too long. The bread bowl makes a nice centerpiece and I'm currently using it to hold cloth napkins and the hurricane lamp with a flameless candle. I might change it up later with a grouping of mini pumpkins and apples. Lots of possibilities with this bread bowl.

The recipe box on top of the fridge...

and the pumpkin lights strung across the fireplace mantle.

Notice anything else new on the mantle?

We love our new mirror! It's the IKEA Stockholm mirror.

I had been looking for a big mirror for the mantle and when I saw this photo on Instagram, it was my inspiration.

Back to the jeans at Target:

I could not find any colored jeans for women; only typical blue jeans. And the only styles they had were skinny jeans - which, to me, are only attractive on super skinny women...and I'm not one of them - or boot cut. Where these colored, "normal-fitting" jeans were that I saw in the ad was beyond me. I even asked a salesgirl in the women's section and she said all she knew of was the colored cotton chino-type pants.

Maybe I'll have better luck at Kohls. 

At least I'm not tempted by their housewares section. ;-)


  1. Did you happen to check Target’s website for those jeans? They could be a new item not shipped to the stores yet. I know, you can’t try them on, but there’s no problem buying two sizes and returning. It’s so funny how that recipe box played out, and I love it!

  2. I do the same thing at Target all the time. Emily and I think it's a scent in the air. The aisles and shelves are meticulously arranged. Crazy. But I do love your purchases. I have a terrible time with runners. i buy them and fold them in half. I iron the fold very tight. On cheaper fabric, I cut it and use webbing tape to hold the rough edge.

    I love your mirror...perfect!

    I hope you find your jeans. I wear skinny jeans all the time. To me they are like leggings and I can wear flowy tops with them. Skinny does not mean 'skinny'! In fact, mine have a nice waist that does not create the muffin top. Still, you know what you want. Let me know what you come across...I can never have enough casual clothing.

    Are you enjoying the cooler weather?

    Jane x

  3. Your home is just so cozy, so you weren't lying when you named this blog.
    I am coming over this fall and sitting on that couch with you and reading a book.
    I will bring snacks.

    Also, check out TJ Maxx for jeans. I found several pairs of amazing stretchy jeans that don't look like mom jeans for under 20 dollars. (Kensie is the name)

  4. LOL; they got you in the store and you caved. Seriously, I like your target finds, esp. the bread bowl. I need jeans and I cringe to think about buying any... I'll take mom jeans any day over skinny jeans. I've gained so much weight, shopping is no fun!!

  5. I love the little pumpkinl lights on the mantel, Melanie!! And oh my gosh, Clementine is just too cute in the bread bowl!!

  6. So each time you show us this new bread bowl I fall in love more! I may have to go to Target today. It's the perfect centerpiece for a table.

  7. I really hate buying jeans, but needed some new ones, so went to Gap last month and got the girlfriend jeans. They fit good and aren't too high waisted, but just high enough to hold in any bulge. When I gain, it all goes to my stomach now. I'd say you found some pretty good stuff on your shopping trip, even if you didn't get what you went for in the first place.

  8. I knew it was the mirror as soon as I saw the photo. I haven't been able to wear ANY jeans in over 10 years. I have a lot of thinning from menopause and can't have anything tight against my body. Love the bread bowl and the cat in it!

  9. I hate buying hard to find a good fit. I end up wearing a lot of legging type jeans and long tops. At least they stretch and are comfortable.
    Your mantel is so pretty!

  10. I hate when that happens -you go to buy something you see an ad for and there is nothing remotely like it in the store. Grrrr.... Love the mirror and I bought a recipe box a couple of years ago that I just love. The one you found is a keeper! xo Diana

  11. Lol'ing about the buntd cake comment! And oh my goodness, I can't stand how cute clementine is in that bread bowl!!

    Sometimes stores put things in flyers that just go to certain stores or are only available on line for a while. Very frustrating, but it gets people into the store who hopefully end up buying other placemats, and bread bowls, and pumpkin lights ;).


  12. Jeans... I've been wearing the same jeans for a decade, because I can't stand the high waisted ones. They didn't even look good on me when I weighed 100 lbs back in the 80s lol

    The new mirror looks great!


  13. That MFK Fisher book looks interesting!

  14. Melanie, your fireplace mantle is beautiful . . . I love the mirror and everything else that you have decorated it with. I especially like that you used books in your design; anyone that loves to read as much as you needs books scattered around the house in decorative ways :)

  15. I love all of your Target stuff, especially that bread bowl. I tell my husband that Target is retail therapy for me, cheaper than seeing a real therapist;) Your mantel looks great!

  16. I'm pretty lucky that the nearest Target is 60 miles away. I don't get there often. :)
    Love the bread bowl - they're so versatile and can be filled with a myriad of fun things.

  17. Hi there! I love your cat in the bowl. So sweet and cuddly looking.

  18. My white cat did JUST that in a small basket not too long ago and she is just like yours as well...has to go and sit on anything new or placed on the table. If I put a post it note on an empty table, she'd be on it! :)

  19. Its funny I've never heard of "colored" jeans before and it the second post I read in the last hour that mentioned them. You found some great items and I love Target's Dollar area. Last week I picked up some fabric pumpkins. I miss our cat, the Little One so much and am working on Chaz to get another one.

  20. I absolutely love your new mirror! Not only contemporary but timeless, will look great for decades.

    And you have MFK Fisher's book with several of my favorite books in it, I believe, Gastronomical Me and Serve It Forth. Lots of good reading in that!

    If Target's store didn't have them, maybe they're available online? Although I hate to buy jeans without trying them on. Looks like you found plenty good stuff anyway!

    I hope it's as lovely where you are as our day and week ahead shows for us here in Nashville,

  21. Oh, shopping for jeans is my number one nightmare... or maybe number two, it comes after storm days... I usually end up like you, buying something else and wearing the only three pairs I love...


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