Thursday, October 26, 2017

so much autumn goodness

Sorry the long delay in my posts. I've missed you all.

It is just now starting to get cold here. We've been lucky. My coleus, herb garden and even some annuals are still going strong. We had our first frost warning last night, but it didn't happen. Will definitely happen this weekend though - it's going down to 28 degrees Saturday night. I'm going to bring those geraniums inside and hope for the best with over-wintering them.

I celebrated the fall equinox (belated) at my First Best Friend's house. She has dinners to celebrate the start of every season. It's always the same small (anywhere from 5-10) group of ladies, all of whom have become very dear to me over the years. I just wish I lived closer to these women. They all live in Chicago, which is over an hour's drive from my house. Most of them still have kids at home; some work outside the home; a couple of others are single moms. Everyone is busy! These dinner gatherings are the perfect time for all of us to put our busyness aside for a few hours and take deep breaths, relax, and truly enjoy each other's company. We talk, laugh and cry late into the night.

Another slice of fall joy...spending time with my mom and aunt at the Autumn Drive. An annual fest held out in the country, we walked around to different farms and explored antiques and crafts and tons of pumpkins and squash and petted sweet dogs that rescue groups were walking around. 

Library book sales are going on in full force around here this time of year. You might recall that I cleaned out hundreds of books this past April. So now if I even go to a library book sale, all I look for is certain cookbooks, particular decorating books, and authors whose work I'm looking for in fiction and non-fiction. I don't bring any books home just because they look like a good read. As soon as I'm done looking through the cookbooks, I will pass them on.

This past weekend, I took a class at a neighboring Buddhist Temple. The building is 150 years old and so beautiful. I loved the monument outside where on one side it said, "Let Peace Prevail on Earth" and on the other, "May Peace Be in Our Communities." Interestingly enough, the upstairs sanctuary has stained glass windows with Jesus, Mary and an angel depicted on them. I'm not sure if the windows were there when the building previously belonged to a Unitarian Church, but the monk has said (and I'm quoting from an article in The Northwest Herald dated July 24, 2015), "The windows make some of the temple visitors more comfortable with meditation." And, "In this building, we are not teaching religions. We are teaching meditation, how to be happy. How to calm down. And Jesus and Buddha they are both very spiritual teachers." What a beautiful, loving philosophy! 

Some last minute antique shopping today. Me, my mom and aunt were texting this morning and those bad women asked to meet up for lunch and a quick trip to one of our favorite shops. Even though I was going to run some errands today, had a ton of laundry to do, was in the middle of writing this blog post, and was planning on making a pot of homemade soup this afternoon, I was off and running. ;-)

Just like with books, I am pretty judicious about what I bring into the house nowadays. It has to be something I can truly use, or else be so pretty that I can't pass it up. I found this Rowe Pottery plant pot for only $8. Found completed listings on eBay for $30 - $35. And I did need this plant pot. I have a plant in my office/yoga room that is still sitting in its original crappy plastic pot. I've been wanting to repot this plant, but couldn't find a small plant pot that I liked. Until today.

(Image found here)

'Til next time...


  1. What a fun thing to do with your friends. I love get-togethers like that and I don't do them nearly as much as I once did.

    I smiled at the pumpkins there. We have one stand where they use a light powerwasher on all their pumpkins before the put the dirty hands carrying them around here. lol

    I love visiting Rowe Pottery works in Cambridge and have been there several times over the years. I have a few of their pieces and just love them.

    I am with you - I am letting go of things and not bringing anything more into this place until I know where we are going to end up next year. I, too, donated HUNDREDS of books and still have too many. lol

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  2. One of these days, can you take me antiquing with you? I promise to be good.

  3. Your photos just made me smile. I love Fall and festivals and family and friends! You have it all. Love that pot and yes very needed and a great find for that price. It is finally getting bit chilly here this weekend also! Hugs!

  4. so many beautiful photos and the stained glass windows are stunning! Reading about the temple reminded me of " Living Buddha, Living Christ" by Thich Nhat Hanh which is a wonderful read.

    I have the same weather as you so we'll see about that Saturday frost :)

  5. Lovely post and so much fun. I can just hear you girls laughing together and enjoy your "Autumn Day Get-A-Way". Cute photo behind the frame:)

  6. Hi Melanie, I'm smiling because I used the same Anne of Green Gables in my post today. I love all of your fall pictures!! It sounds like you have been enjoying this beautiful season. I like the idea of the fall equinox dinner. The philosophy of the monk at the Buddhist temple is beautiful. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Rumi -- "There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground." I love hearing about the blending of different ways of worship.

  7. Hi Melanie, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time lately and I'm so glad. I really enjoyed your photos and reading about what you've been up to. I loved what the monk said about the windows, thank you for sharing that. I'm not particularly religious today, but I cherish my Catholic college education, which taught me a lot about tolerance and social justice. I hope you have a good weekend, take care and enjoy.

  8. What a lovely post of pretty pics and good thoughts.

  9. Autumn is so beautiful where you are. Not here, but it is kind of non existent here. Your day spent out with family sounds wonderful.

  10. Looks like you are soaking in all that October has to offer Melanie! And you look so pretty doing it all! Can you believe that it is still green and warm here?? I keep asking myself where I live. This is so unusual. As a devoted summer girl I can't believe I'm saying this, but enough already, bring on the crisp air! ;)

  11. Beautiful fall photos, Melanie...and looks like some special gatherings, too.
    The weather sure got cold fast here this year!

  12. Your photos are beautiful! I wish I lived in a world where Octobers never ended! Happy Halloween!

  13. I always enjoy your photos of your adventures, Melanie, as I've said many times in the past. You girls look like you are having a blast - such sweet and happy smiles! How wonderful to get together with your gal pals every season, to catch up and share good food and a belly laughs!


  14. So many pretty images in this post Melanie. You are so fortunate to have a close group of friends that make the effort to get together on a regular basis. The photos of the antique sale look interesting. It's been so long since I've even visited an antique shop or occasional sale. I commend your restraint in buying books and only one piece of pottery!

  15. I feel much the same, autumn has been such a gift this year!

  16. the pictures from this entry are just wonderful. You have such a great eye Melanie. The dinner table looks so inviting. You are very blessed to have such wonderful people in your life.


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