Thursday, November 10, 2016

peaceful diversions

Taking the time to notice how the soft sunlight filters through the trees this time of year.

Serene walks in the State Park.

A pretty, sunny room in which to practice yoga.

A good book to escape into. (Loving this one!)

Creating a new vignette on the buffet.

Zippo. Clementine. Monkey. My fur babies.

Please share some of the things that you bring you peace and calmness.


  1. Everything does look serene and comfortable. I've tried reading lately but everything being so chaotic I can't concentrate. What makes me happy right now is that I've been able to take two showers in the upstairs bathroom....

  2. Melanie, I adore your fur babies and know they must bring you much joy.
    The Autumn is so lovely - and walking is the best way to see the beauty of Nature all around us.
    Love the window frame vignette - great way to showcase special photos.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  3. Love your photos. Books, sunlight and my new kitty Annie make me feel comfort on these very rough days.

  4. Peaceful, BEAUTIFUL diversions, Melanie. Have a wonderful weekend. x o Diana

  5. Your fall walks look wonderful, your home looks comfy and lovely, and your fur babies are adorable.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  6. Gotta love those pretty fur babies! Looks like quite a comfy corner spot there.

  7. Such sweet, peaceful scenes. The kitties look very content. For me, the golden light of fall, the cool breeze rustling the remaining leaves, Jupiter bright in the Western sky at dusk and snuggling under my chunky cable knit throw wit a good book are some of my peaceful diversions.

  8. Lovely Melanie. I find peace at the beach, there's something about the waves rhythmically coming in and going out that soothes my soul.

  9. All wonderful photos but that last cat photo just had me cracking UP! :)

  10. Melanie, this post is so lovely . . . I can feel the tranquility :)

  11. All so lovely. Your furbabies sure are cute. I worked several hours in the community garden yesterday, some of the time with kids ... that certainly helps one to forget all the worries of the world. Have a good Sunday!

  12. Lovely photos, Melanie. I had peace this weekend with views of the lake, Hallmark Christmas movies, and nice mugs of coffee...

  13. Your pictures brought me a sense of calmness, Mel...this is a lovely post. I'm in envy of your sunny, personal space. It looks like a great room to snuggle in as well as practice your yoga.

    I've been feeling very centered by reading so much in the free time I have at the lake. No internet service will do that! But seriously, I read every evening for about three hours and I've been plowing through my stacks and getting immersed in something other than negativity.

    Enjoy our warm(er) days. The cold has to be lurking out there!


  14. Thank you. These days I find solace in nature and reading...seeking a balm for my bruised spirit. I vow each day to doing the next right thing. My bookshelves are a comfort. A collection of British authors from the mid-20th century are a wonderful escape. I deactivated my Facebook account for a time, but appreciate the wonderful bloggers like yourself. Kind regards.


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