Thursday, November 17, 2016

home trends ~ or not

Home decor trends come and go...some cool and inspiring (open shelving on kitchen walls, statement bathroom mirrors, tech-less living rooms, mismatched dining chairs) and others; well, we'll probably be glad to see them fade out (brass bathroom fixtures, taxidermy, messy beds, burlap and chevron). Though in my humble opinion, if you still fancy any of those things, that's just fine and dandy. I still have a chevron rug because I like it. I don't give a rat's hiney that someone (who decides these things?) says it's now outdated.

I have never decorated my home because of a trend. I don't even necessarily have a particular style. I decorate with what I like and what fits our budget. Obviously has to be cat-friendly, too. ;-)

When someone compliments my home, it makes me feel good ~ because I love decorating and take great pride in how my home looks and feels.

This past July when we had Tim's graduation party here, one of Tim's female friends came up to me and told me that she loved how I decorated my house. She said, "When I get my own apartment, I want you to come and help me decorate it!" 

And, just yesterday I had a friend over and she texted me when she got home and said, "I love your house!" Do you think she noticed that my kitchen is outdated? What would the Trend Police think of that? I hope the main reason my friend said she loved my house was because she felt welcome and comfortable here.

My outdated kitchen and living room are actually going to be undergoing a little bit of a transformation soon. The wainscoting will be gone (not because of a trend; simply because after 26+ years of living with it, I'm tired of it) and the walls painted a creamy off-white. The 1980's range hood over the stove will be taken out and a microwave put in its place. Most dramatic of all, an eight foot pass-thru will be cut out in the main supporting wall from the kitchen into the living room.

 Thinking of a conversation Brian and I had just the other day, he had said, "Our house feels very peaceful." That's always a good thing - and never out-of-date. It reminds me of when Tim was about eight years old and he told me that he loved our house because it was "so comfy". That's how I came up with the name of this blog, by the way. 

 Oh, look ~ there's that chevron rug!

Maybe you can tell by looking at some of these photos that I mix different styles...classic, modern, vintage. Heck, I even like mid-century modern ~ though I haven't incorporated any of that into my decor. Yet.

You can flip through any popular home decorating magazine or blog and find beautiful designs and ideas, but to me, a house is not a home without personal items: photographs, a dish of seashells from your beach vacation, your kid's artwork, heirlooms, a collection you started simply because that first item "spoke" to you, gifts from loved ones, something quirky that made you smile, your own artwork. I use the top of this bookcase as a memorial to Phil. There's a shelf above it that has more photographs, Phil's keychain and wallet, and a few of his favorite Stephen King books.

What it boils down to is that your home should be an expression - and yes, even an extension - of yourself. Your style might not be someone else's cup of tea, but it's not supposed to be. 

 "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."


  1. You are right on target and I agree with you whole heartedly. You've put into words what I haven't been able to express ever.

    I love seeing these pictures of your home and Brian is right, it's peaceful and I know that echoes you. :_D

    When we redid the lakehouse we tried to be energy efficient and also kept an eye out for selling later. We have no plans to, as you might not either. We did a stainless steel hood above the stove as I've had both that and the microwave. I was never happy with the exhaust with the microwave when cooking on the stovetop...everything was very hard to clean. In both of my homes I have the microwave on the counters. Food for thought.

    Thanks again for sharing thoughts on individuality. And I LOVE the picture of the kitties. They alone make a house a home!


  2. Love your house -- and your chevron rug. But my favorite accessory is the three cats. :)

  3. Found you via Art and Sand, via Cozy Little House. I like your decorating style very much because it looks realistic and achievable. A lot of blogs are beautiful to look at but the décor is waaaaay beyond my budget. I like how you have not painted all of your furniture, but have a lot of things that still show the woodgrain. I can't help but think that one of these days there is going to be a lot of paint stripping going on when everyone gets tired of their painted furniture! Anyway, thanks for this nice post on your home.

  4. Love your comfy home, and yes cat friendly! I think my home reflects me and it's where I'm content to stay. Current trends and styles make no difference to me at all.

  5. Yes, your cat on the bed spells "comfy" to me. Lovely home!

  6. What a lovely post! I loved hearing how your blog's name came to be. Your home is 'comfy and peaceful', and well loved. Doing your own thing instead of following a trend, is staying true to yourself, it is being yourself.

    Thanks for sharing, as you have inspired me to just keep being myself and loving and enjoying what I have been blessed with.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday there in your lovely home, filled with comfort, joy, and most of all love.


  7. I find your home so welcoming and serene. I love the photo of your cat on the bed =)

  8. What a wonderful post and I agree with you on your decorating philosophy. Mine is pretty eclectic and I love junk (old keys, billiard balls, boxes, feathers, marbles, dice, etc.) My kitchen looks very much like yours - probably same vintage. It serves me nicely and I really don't think I could live thru (much less afford) a complete renovation. Love seeing your collections and tributes and, of course, the cats. My house is home for my cats as much as for me. Also, I had never read about how you named your blog. How sweet. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. I love your home, and it is a home not just a house. Anyone that can make cats that comfortable is OK with me. Blessings

  10. I love the small bookshelf with the arched top. I would love to find one like that. Your entire house is very warm and pretty.

  11. I agree 100%!! Comfy is the ultimate compliment and how a home should feel and I don't think that is created by filling it with trendy items. Unless, of course, you love them! :)

  12. Thank you for the lovely tour of your home! It does indeed look comfy and inviting!

  13. I just loved seeing more of your 'comfy house' in this special post Melanie. Trends are just that 'trends', they will never really become classics or traditional, they are throwaway and temporary, loved by the young who obviously have much more money to spend on decor than we of our respective generations ever had.
    I think back often to how my parents lived with so little, how our house was small and compact with just the necessities - things rarely were changed out or replaced, furniture was so well crafted back then, guess that's how antiques became what they are! We painted and wallpapered often to keep the house fresh and clean (everyone smoked then!). Our furniture lasted forever, perhaps a few new pillows or a rug now and then, but not dump the whole room and start over with a new trend as many seem to do these days.

    My kitchen is outdated too - cabinets similar to yours - I can't get Bob to agree to painting them so will probably have to keep them as long as we stay here! I noted my dear friend Jane's take on the microwave over the stove - like her, I prefer mine on the counter - anything which makes cleaning easier is always the best way.

    Have a fabulous weekend dear - we hope to be up early tomorrow and off to the downtown Christmas Parade!! I must hurry away and have an early night.

  14. I was so busy reading what you had to say that I had to go back up and scroll back down slowly through the pictures. I definitely agree. It is that cozy, comfortable, inviting look that draws people in. I love an eclectic mix of anything and everything that works for you. Secondhand always adds to the character of a home. Definitely am not into trends at all. I've been watching House Hunters International and some other decorating and renovation shows on HGTV and am so flabbergasted when folks think a kitchen or bathroom is outdated or that rooms are too small. I'm thinking it all looks pretty darn good to me and they have such negative comments. Honestly, just being grateful for what you have makes everything just that much more beautiful. Bigger and brighter and brand spankin' new is not better in my book. :)

  15. The ultimate compliment is when another person, unsolicited, feels so at home and enjoys the warm and inviting ambiance you've created. That is certainly what you've accomplished, Melanie. I agree 100 percent with your sentiments in this post...make your home reflect you, not a new trend.
    Mary Alice

  16. I totally agree and that's how I decorate, as well. Your home is welcoming and full of your personality and the things you love. That to me, is the only way to decorate!


  17. I agree! And I so admire those gorgeous wood floors you have!

  18. I couldn't agree more! I love your style and just looking at the photos makes me feel at home. My home is a mixture of styles and filled with the things I love. One of the nicest compliments I ever received was when a friend walked in and said, "Your house just hugs me."

  19. Your house is beautiful and warm. I am always thrilled when people feel comfortable in my home, that is just the way I want it.

  20. I'm with you, sweet Melanie!! You can keep those 'trends' because if everyone else has it? Guess what???? I don't WANT it!! My home is filled with pieces I love, and it makes me smile to look around. That's the best feeling of all!

  21. I definitely agree with you on making your home a reflection of your own tastes. While I often admire homes decorated by actual designers, I also think that they can't possibly show the tastes of the owner. I'd much rather be pleased with the "things" that make me happy. One of my favorite things to do is to frame my own photos. My nephew is a a professional photographer, but is so meticulous that he refuses to hang any of his own work at home. I think he's got the wrong atitude! I am simply a hobby photographer, but it makes me smile to see photos I took, and reminds me of the occasion when I was right there in that spot, taking that photo. And it takes me so long to afford the various home upgrades we desire that I'm sure they are on their way "out" when we get around to them. But that's just fine by me.

  22. I really enjoyed that post. A comfy house is way above a trendy house: cats aren't fooled!


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