Thursday, May 19, 2016

sunshine thursday

 Today was one of those perfect spring days that you wish would last forever: brilliant sunshine, nary a cloud in the sky, and topping 70 degrees F. I made another trip to the garden center, this time picking up herbs (two varieties of basil, tarragon, parsley, dill and lavender), zinnias, petunias and dianthus. I got everything planted in pots except the lavender and tarragon - those will go in the backyard herb garden - and the zinnias. Not sure where I want them yet. There is still so much gardening and yard work to do! I don't mind though - I love working outside in the nice weather. I've waited all winter for this.

I cut some lilacs off my lilac bush and brought them inside to put in little vases. I didn't do so earlier because their intense fragrance makes my allergies go insane. Now that they're fading (makes me sad that they don't last long), they're not as fragrant.

 I had a bouquet of yellow flowers from Trader Joes, so I divided them up and used some on top of the secretary desk in the living room...

and in a little blue bottle of top of a stack of books.

More yellow flowers went on the kitchen table...

and on top of a cake plate near the kitchen window.

The cats were in all their glory this morning with the sunbeam and catnip.

 Even as the sun sets, my gardening chores are done, and the catnip is put away, Zippo finds the sliver of the setting sun on my desk that faces the backyard.

Hope you're enjoying flowers and sunbeams, too!


  1. These are such pretty photos, your kitties! It was a beautiful day like that here today, too!

  2. We had a beautiful spring day, too, and I spent the morning in the garden. Your pictures are lovely, and your desk inspires me to clear the clutter off of mine!

  3. One of my favorite things is little pots of cut flowers, and yours are beautiful. I'm so happy to hear that you are having lovely spring weather :)

  4. I enjoyed the flowers but that shot of the cats is just priceless! :)

  5. Everything is looking springy at your house.

    Can you send some of that sun our way? We are bathed in "May Gray" and the forecast says we'll have another week of it.

  6. Your flowers are gorgeous my friend.

  7. I just love the little touches of flowers here and there. So pretty. Oh your cats are gorgeous! Mr. Toes is opening my heart to maybe another kitty of my own soon.

  8. So pretty!!!! Your house is so cozy! Your kitties are adorable!!! I'd be tempted.....but I don't need any more critters to take care of, that's for sure!

  9. Sunshine is a good thing...none today...but there's always tomorrow! Cats looks adorable in the sun and they do love looking out windows!

  10. That picture of the three cats may be my new favorite blogging picture of all-time :)

  11. Such pretty images. Sprigs of flowers in simple glass jars always look so lovely and kitties seem very content. :)

  12. Lilacs...sigh... I just love them! My grandmother used to bring me the first bouquet from hers every year.


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