Monday, April 18, 2016

saturday antiquing

It was the perfect, sunshiny spring day to go antiquing and treasure hunting with my partners in crime: my mom and aunt. I discovered a new-to-us antique shop in a nearby town on Facebook. I read the Yelp reviews (sheesh, what would we do with social media?!) and they were all 5-star and said that the owners are helpful and friendly, the selection was fantastic, and the prices very good. We had to find out if that were true. ;-)

We were greeted outside the shop by a wide selection of outdoor decor...bird houses, baskets, plant stands, lamps, wagon wheels...

and plenty of galvanized watering cans and planters.

This old wheelbarrow would be beautiful filled with flowers.

The inside of the shop was filled with so many wonderful things, that the three of us kept calling to each other to "come and look at this!" Every time we thought we were done looking in a particular spot, we'd look again and find something cool we missed the first go-around. We spent so much time in this shop that it was finally lunchtime. We had started making a pile on the checkout counter, so we told the shop owner (who was as pleasant and friendly as the reviews suggested) we'd be back after lunch to look around a little more and finally check out. I only got a few general photos of the was crowded and I didn't want to get people in my photos.

So, here's the treasures that came home with me. I know this box isn't too exciting, but for some reason, I was drawn to it. The owner asked what I was going to do with it and I told her I didn't know; that I had to "play" with it.

For now, I have it on the top shelf of my ladder bookcase. I put some of my rocks and an antique key in the cubbies.

A piece of pottery, not marked on the bottom. I'm assuming Shawnee.

A pretty little bird, Occupied Japan.

A rooster egg cup - not sure who it's made by. The glass is thick and the piece heavier than it looks. The marking on the bottom is worn and unreadable.

This beautiful McCoy piece is what I passed up. And it was only $14. (It did have a tiny chip on the rim though.) The only reason I passed it up is that I have nowhere to put it. I am more discerning about bringing lots of stuff into the house nowadays, especially larger pieces like this.

Hope you have a wonderful week ~ spring has finally truly sprung here!


  1. The egg cup might be Fenton, but I'm not sure. I have that piece of McCoy and it's awfully pretty! I know what you mean about being discerning as to what comes in the house. There's only so much room!

  2. Good Morning Melanie, it looks like you had a wonderful day . . . good company and great finds . . . or is it great company and good finds :) Either way a fantastic day. I particularly like the rooster egg cup . . . very cute. Have a happy week.
    Connie :)

  3. Looks like such a fun day! I love your little vignette with the egg cup...putting a plant in it is fun!

  4. Great finds and great fun!! I went to a sale this weekend and bought (another!) white pitcher. They're my weakness!!

  5. Really lovely finds, Melanie. I love what you did with the box. I have an antique printer's tray on a wall in my living room and I have a lot of fun moving things in and out of it as the mood strikes. There's always something tiny and interesting to stick in there. I love the look of the shop you visited, the window with the colored glass items looks so pretty. Hope you have a good week!

  6. So much fun stuff - my faves are the two vases your found.

  7. I love a shop like that. So neatly arranged. Makes it that much easier to find things you like. Love that little birdie figurine. Such lovely colors. Glad Spring is at your doorstep. :)

  8. This looks like a neat shop! I love the galvanized pail that has FLOWERS on it. At this point I'm really only buying things for outside. I am thinking of having a yard sale this summer...I have to purge and definitely not bring it up to the lake!!

    I think it's so fun that you have your aunt and mom to hang with. I miss my mom---we used to go shopping a lot together.

    Off to catch up on your posts.


  9. That looks like an amazing shop!! Love the items you chose...and can't wait to see what you end up doing with that box! What a fun day!! Funday Sunday haha😊

  10. Love that room with all of the pretty glassware on the window shelves with the light streaming in! :)

  11. Great finds. The wooden piece is perfect for little collections.
    I agree that we don't need to bring things home we can't find a place for. My husband constantly reminds me, hah.
    Love that shop.

  12. Melanie,
    You have such great "partners in crime!" I so enjoy hearing about the adventures of the 3 of you.
    I have been crazy over these two vases, ever since I saw them on IG:)
    Hope you are having a fantastic week:)

  13. It's so fun to have a new antique shop to browse. Love it when there's so much to look at you have to go around a couple of times. Sounds like you had a delightful day with your mom and aunt.
    Mary Alice

  14. Your antiquing trip brings back memories of antiquing with my daughters. You found some wonderful little treasures! I'm trying to save up for a new sofa, so I've been staying away from our local shops, except for one visit with our oldest granddaughter to buy vintage doll bunk beds...a necessity! hehe

  15. I would have loved browsing that shop... such great items.


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