Friday, December 11, 2015

sunlight streams in

 My view out the front door this morning...the sky finally had some blue to it (instead of all gray) and the sun was trying to break up the clouds.

And it was warm! Well, for this time of year in a northern climate, anyway. It got up to 50 degrees F -  twenty degrees higher than normal. Brian and I enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood wearing hoodies instead of heavy winter coats, hats and gloves. I kept the kitchen window open most of the day. Felt so good to have fresh air in the house once again.

I love the way the late fall and winter sun streams into the room that used to be my son, Phil's room - which is now my girly room. I was thinking today how I'd like to replace that red chair with either a daybed or love seat, but that would require more rearranging. I'd have to find another place for the butler's table - and space is limited in my small house. You see, the red chair looks cozy and comfortable, but it's not. It's too worn and squishy. It feels okay at first, but then you realize your back hurts because there's no support. So we never sit in here. It's a good spot for the cats to nap though. They don't mind squishy. ;-)

I keep most of my cookbooks in here, novels, journals, art and scrapbooking supplies, yoga materials, plants, a bulletin board and personal tchotchkes. I honestly don't spend a lot of time in here. I do yoga in here and sometimes paperwork or light crafting at the desk, but that's about it. Oh - Brian hung the bird picture above the red chair for me today. I found it at an antique shop for just $6 a couple of months ago. I had some other stuff on that wall that I ended up taking down, so I had to patch up nail holes and touch-up paint in areas. I forgot to take a close-up photo of the bird picture today while I was photographing the room, so I'll have to show it to you in a future post.

Going around the room...

On this side, here's our family photo (taken on Phil's 21st birthday, two months before he passed away), Phil's memory shelf, plants, bookcase and yoga mats.

To the right is the closet. I took the doors off so that I can keep my stacking bins of scrapbooking and art materials in there and have easy access to them. It's also the closet where I keep all of my hoodies and cardigans. This house doesn't have any walk-in closets; just small standard-sized closets. With Brian and I sharing the master bedroom closet, I get this extra closet for some of my clothes and Brian uses the closet in Tim's room/the guest for his overflow.

Wishing you unexpected sunshine...have a happy weekend!


  1. Your writing is always so expressive, soothing and natural, I feel as though I was with you as we walked from room to room in your warm, cozy, well decorated and loved home. It felt good. I too know about those chairs, they have lost their support.
    Enjoy your mild weather, Melanie, I know it feels so good!

  2. We had rain here for a great deal of the fall and some major flooding in places. I know how good it felt the first day the sky looked so blue and pretty, so I can relate. This room in your home is so lovely and comfortable looking. Wishing you lots of unexpected sunshine this winter!

  3. It was mild here too though rather dreary with no sun. I think today will be the same and then the forecast for Sunday is sunshine and quite warm!

    Love your cheery room with the sun streaming in !:)

  4. We had pouring rain and people kayaking on the unfrozen lakes, which is unheard of in northern MN. We finally got a dusting of snow yesterday and I hope we get another foot before Christmas! Although it has been nice driving on nice dry roads up until now.

    It's always nice to see the sun shine, even indoors. I never noticed how similar your old cabinet is to my pie safe. Yours is in much better condition and has an additional drawer on the bottom, but they could be distant cousins. :o)

    Enjoy the sunshine, Melanie!

  5. It is a very cherry room. Love the memory shelf! The sun is pouring in my front window and I'm so happy.

  6. It's been unusually warm here in the high 60s, but our regular winter weather is finally back, just in time for Christmas :)

    Your room looks really cheerful, Melanie and the memory shelf is a lovely tribute.

    Love your Christmas decor too! I'm finally done decorating, but I haven't taken many pictures. Hopefully I'll have another post up soon with all of that. And your cats crack me up... the hams lol

    hugs to you,

  7. I think your room is sweet and peaceful! Maybe something comfortable to sit in is coming your way soon. You will find the right way to move things around if it does. :-)

    I like your memory shelf too.

    Happy Christmas holidays ~ FlowerLady

  8. Your/Phil's room is very pretty. I love the way the sun comes into it. Both of my kids have really nice sun in their rooms because they're on the west wall of the house. My bedroom is on the north side and stays fairly dark, so I hardly ever go in during the day unless to clean or put away laundry! I read about your weather in the news yesterday, they said they expected to see people in shorts and t-shirts shopping on Michigan Avenue! That would be unusual for this time of year, I gathered. :) I hope you're having a good weekend, Melanie.

  9. It's a lovely room, Melanie, the memory shelf and all of your pretty details. It's been warm here, too. I like it! :)

  10. I love this cozy room, Melanie - I imagine it's a place you can sit and feel your son's presence. I can see you are like me with the plants - they really make a room so cheery, don't they? Big hugs to you, Melanie - xo

  11. The weather has been great, 60 today! This weather makes it so much easier to walk our new dog Shadow. Your room is lovely Mel, and love the new bird picture. The chair looks like it could suck someone in never to be found again, guess if we don't hear anything for awhile we'll know where you are.

  12. The chair does look like it would be comfy. There must be some way you can fix it up. The room looks great just the way it is and something bigger might be too crowded. Lots of character and personal touches and lovely plants. Really nice. :) Enjoy your warmer weather (which is still cold to me :)

  13. How lovely to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine, it makes all the difference doesn't it! xx

  14. Melanie, it's a lovely room! I used to have a daybed in my studio and my family loved curling up on it and keeping me company. Now I only have a comfy chair and that serves them pretty well! I don't want them getting too comfortable after all! ;)

  15. I love when the sun is streaming into a room. It just gives you that extra lift for the day. Beautiful room!!
    Mary Alice

  16. I just got caught up on your last few posts Mel---I can't believe I missed reading about and seeing your photos from Thanksgiving. What a pretty table and wonderful menu! You guys really know how to celebrate!

    I am so tired of this strange weather. The temps aren't bad but the wind is crazy and then today the rain and wind and gloom was miserable. I hear we will have a warm winter. I guess that's good for those who have to drive or walk downtown, but selfishly, my perennial flowers and tulips pretty much died a few years from not reaching that freezing level.

    I wanted to say I like the changes in your kitchen, great idea to try two chairs from Ikea first, they're cute. And so is the rug. Your little sanctuary is so comfy looking. I'm wondering why you don't use it more. I know sometimes we want to be in a room where we have access to more-I know several girls (in person and on blogs) who have craft rooms but still love their kitchen tables.

    I apologize for not getting by more. Between trying to find time to post and then visiting the blogs of those who comment, I hardly get around to my feed. I love that you've started to decorate for Christmas. Everything looks so cute. Do you have your tree yet? Between running out everyday for something..errands, groceries, post office, shopping, doctor appointments, I come home and barely have time to do laundry and make meals much less decorate or wrap gifts. I haven't done much shopping online, I've been to a few malls and shops and now I need a few more things and hope I can get them in time if I order online.

    Oh, well, next year I'll start earlier. I'm adding my decorations here and there but now using even half of what I have. Just a few touches here and there.

    I hope you feel better about the gloomy weather. At least it's not freezing!

    Jane x

  17. Melanie, thank you for visiting me today on the tour. ((hugs))

    Your home is beautiful and cozy. Like you, I love to let the fresh air in and when it makes the curtains blow it is magical. I'm sorry to hear about heart goes out to you and I understand...I do, I do, I do.

    Merry Christmas sweet lady!!!!


  18. Hi Melanie,

    Glad you are getting some much needed sunshine; it has decided to grace our horizon too, today, after many, many dreary, dark and grey days.

    I've followed you on the transformation of this room, and although you may not use it much, it looks very cozy, despite that red chair!

    Sending warm hugs,


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