Saturday, November 7, 2015

they call that a bargain

I just had to share my latest bargains with you all!

 As I've stated before, I don't go into thrift stores a lot anymore, as I've started getting rid of stuff and simplifying. I don't want to be dragging more stuff into the house. However, there are certain things I need - clothes being one of them. And particular household items. I haven't had much luck with clothes at Goodwill this year, but I finally managed to snag two beautiful brand-new tops that actually fit me at fantastic prices. I am so hard to fit! I am average-sized, but small through the shoulders with a large bust. If a top fits in the shoulders, it's usually too tight in the bust. Or, the opposite is true: fits in the bust; too big in the shoulders. 

Both these tops had the original store tags on them...snagged a Banana Republic blouse for only $5.99! The Price part of the tag was torn off, but from looking at their web site, their blouses run anywhere from $80 - $98. (Crazy.)

And found a Talbots blouse with a $60 price tag for only $6.99. :-) Both of these blouses are much prettier in person...hard to photograph clothes.

I'm trying not to bring anymore tchotchkes into the house, but I couldn't resist this Chicago bowl. It's made by a company called The Dish, LTD. They aren't listing this bowl anymore, but their large platter sells for $42, so I'm assuming this bowl was somewhere around that price. I got it for $3.99.

More Chicago scenes on the bowl...

 Lastly, I found this brand-new chair from Target for only $35! Retail price (as you can see from the link) - $180!! Total score on this find. It's pictured here in my bedroom, but turns out, there wasn't enough room. It's now in Tim's room/the guest room. Please ignore the fact that there's still no curtains on my bedroom window. (There are blinds, but they're pulled up.) Still looking for "just the right ones". I did find curtains I liked at Target (speaking of), but they were too short. I then looked online when I got home and couldn't find them! Must search again.

 Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am like you. I am trying to get rid of things and not bring in more. And, I have so many clothes that I haven't worn in ages.

    But, I am headed into LA to visit my sister and cousin tomorrow. We are meeting at one of my favorite shops that will be over the top decorated for Christmas. I know I'll bring home a few things.

  2. You got wonderful bargains! I think you will enjoy all of them.
    I still shop at my favorite thrift store about once every 2 weeks and like you, I am very selective about what I bring home. You would like free books and magazines section there.

  3. Now that is some serious smart shopping! :)

  4. Well hello bargain queen! I have sworn off thrift store clothes because invariably when I get them home it turns out I don't like them as much as previously thought and I end up donating them back! Love your finds though!

  5. Score! I usually don't look at clothing at our Goodwill, but last fall I found a super cute J.Jill corduroy swing coat for only $3.99, so I know there are deals to be found.

    After returning numerous pairs of curtains for our master bedroom, somebody recommended Penneys to me. I browsed their drapery department in Minneapolis yesterday, and they've got a huge selection of very reasonably priced panels in lots of colors and styles. Worth checking out!

  6. Well I'd say you scored four mighty fine things there. :)

  7. Great scores!!! I wish I had a decent thrift store near my house.

  8. Melanie, I'm trying not to bring a lot of 'things' into my home as I also try to downsize. Still a few sneak I love the tops you found. Both very pretty and great prices. Clothes are so hard to find for me also. The Chicago bowl is very cool, I think that was an exception to the no new stuff rule!

  9. You did good with your finds. It's always a pleasure to get really good deals.

    I was in a GoodWill this morning and their prices on things have really gone up. I left the store empty handed.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  10. You found some some really GREAT things there at REALLY GOOD prices, Melanie. Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time and it looks like you were! Congrats! Love the chair!!!! xo Diana

  11. I love thrifting. I got a brand new with tags Talbots coat!!!!

  12. Well, Melanie, I am like you, trying to simplify and purge. However, sometimes you really do need or want something and I say if it's a bargain, even better! Besides, you can always add it to next year's donation pile if you change your mind! ;) Pretty blouses!

  13. Great finds Melanie! Always good to change things up a little clothes wise and house wise isn't it. xx

  14. You did well with your finds, Melanie :)

    I didn't know you lived that close to the place that they filmed Groundhog Day! I love that movie and wondered if it actually existed. Now I know ;)


  15. Now that's just the kind of bargains that I love! It's almost like finding treasure!

  16. Hello Melanie, hey, girlfriend you are quite the shopper . . . great finds! I love that second top and the bowl is very cool. I'm nuts for chairs and that one looks fab. I'm sure if you wouldn't have bought it when you did, it wasn't going to set there very long before someone else would have carried it away. Buys like that don't come around everyday.
    Have a happy day!
    Connie :)

  17. I was just talking to a friend about shopping and that I never buy anything full price.
    It also seems that I am changing my mind more about styles and so it is best not to invest in anything too pricey, because I just might not like it by tomorrow!
    You certainly found some pretties:)!


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