Monday, June 29, 2015

let's talk succulents ~ unique containers and care

Hello there! I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend included a couple of fun outings, including getting together with a friend at a local coffee shop and then shopping at a nearby vintage shop. I never even knew this vintage shop existed ~ until my friend led me there.

One of the things I was really impressed with was all the unique ways the owner displayed succulents. Loved this vintage birdcage filled with moss and plants...

and this old letter holder.

Very creative use of an old dolly and plant hangers, don't you think?

I also liked how she planted succulents in old tins...

and boxes and galvanized metal containers. But, I was wondering...don't these plants get waterlogged in these types of containers? She keeps all of these plants outdoors and we've had lots of rain. I didn't think succulents liked too much water. But yet these succulents look vibrant and healthy! Anyone in the know?

Here's another cool idea ~ using an old wagon to make a small garden. I like how an old piece of metal fencing (I'm guessing that's what it is) was used in back for height and interest and then an old piece of wood in the display, as well. You can see how much rain we've had by the wagon underneath the one with plants in it. Look at all that standing water!

As for myself, I've been collecting small vintage animal planters for my succulents. I took this photo outdoors, but I do keep all these plants indoors.

I also have some succulents planted in a milk glass container. The plant on the left started dying; these were the two small pieces I was able to save.

I also have succulents in teacups ~ and, as you can see, the plant in the flowered teacup is not doing well. What's up with me and succulents?! As with the milk glass container and the small, vintage planters, I put a layer of tiny rocks on the bottom of the containers for drainage. I only water them once every two weeks. They're not in direct sun.

Do you have succulents or have you ever tried keeping them? If so, do you keep them indoors or outdoors? Do you use any kind of unique containers? What kind of light do you keep them in and how often do you water them? Any fertilizer?


  1. I just looked at succulents at the Flea Market on Saturday. There was a booth there and she had every kind of imaginable container filled with them. They were so cute. I've never tried growing them. I might now.


  2. I'm with you Melanie, I can't imagine how they live in those containers! Perhaps she pokes holes in all of them, and you didn't notice? I've noticed that Pinterest has started a proliferation of container gardening in sometimes inappropriate containers. Herb gardens in Mason jars? Herbs want to be in the ground!

  3. I failed at succulents and never tried again. I think they dislike me and it makes me feel rejected LOL

    All those containers (yours and at the shop) are really cute :)

    Oh and thank you for the garden tour! I loved seeing it.


  4. Hi Melanie, I am a huge fan of the succulent family. I was going to plant them in my bike box and basket, but when I got to the nursery, she had all of her annuals on sale. We are experiencing a heat wave, so if I can't keep my flowers alive in those containers . . . I will replant the bike in succulents. It was 112 degrees here yesterday . . . after church, we rented red box movies and stayed in except for running out every two hours to move sprinklers around the yard and garden. Your little vintage animal planters are so charming. I really enjoyed this post, it's very inspiring :)
    Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. I'm sure the containers had drainage holes and probably a healthy layer of pea gravel for drainage. I've gone to the local nursery's succulents seminar a couple of times and she told us to water them once a week, full sun in the morning, some shade in the afternoon.
    Currently I have some planted in a soup tureen. They haven't grown much since we've also had so much rain - I had to dump water from it many times, and we brought it inside when we knew it was going to rain. It's been hot and dry for several days, so I did water that container today. Jess planted some in a tea cup and a china creamer. Those are in the west-facing kitchen window. We water once a week and they're doing great.

  6. I love succulents work or watering! I placed mine in some old rusty square baking tin pans. Looks so good inside and my animal planters like yours. I'd guess there are drainage holes in the containers. So happy you had a nice weekend, we drove up to Oak Creek, Wi to see DIL and grandkids.

  7. I love them but right now my one pot of them is outside. Love all those cute containers.

  8. I used to have hens and chicks and a jade tree and that's the extent of my knowledge about succulents but I loved seeing all of these ways to plant them! The birdcage is my favorite but they are all so creative and pretty!

  9. These are all great ideas. I have tried growing a little jade plant years ago in a regular pot. It lasted a year or so, which is a long time when it comes to me and plants. :) I love succulents, though. I remember having hens and chicks in the yard when I was a kid. Someone gave my mom a small clipping and it took over this little rock garden under a tree and grew and grew, and lived for many years. It was maintenance-free and very healthy. I wish I could grow them here but I think it's too dry. Thanks for sharing these ideas, especially your own.

  10. I would suggest making sure that they grow in very very gritty soil, they need to have the drainage and the containers need to have a hole too. I imagine that the planters you saw - which all look great don't they! - have drainage holes. If you repot yours and add a lot of grit to the soil - which the plants also need for the nutrients apparently - they might do better. Hope that helps! I love these plants! xx

  11. Hi Melanie, so nice to have met you through Rue's blog! I haven't tried succulents in years but these pictures make me want to. I even have an old tall round birdcage that's too big for inside so I keep it on the front porch. It only has a small door and it doesn't lift off so there would be no way of putting a pan inside. Your picture of the birdcage looks as if there's some loose organic material on the bottom. I wonder what that is?

    I've read down through your posts on the first page and may I say that you have beautiful gardens! Just the kind I like too. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll and I put yours on mine! I was going to follow you but then discovered that I already am your follower. Maybe from my old blog?

    I haven't put a follower thing on this new one yet since I didn't have open comments for the first 11 months--long story. But when I get a chance I'm going to try to add that. A kind blogger emailed me a list of instructions on how to do it so after the Fourth, and family goes home I will sit down and try.

    A Happy 4th to you,

  12. Melanie,
    Just love this post and all of the creative and pretty containers! I have fallen head over heels in love with succulents! Yep, I thought we wouldn't get along, because I like to fuss with my plants and I heard that succulents don't need a lot of love-but who would have thought they really do like it!

  13. I really like the idea of planting the garden in the wagon and the birdcage. I've never had succulents, but I may try my hand at one soon.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July... :)

  14. So much fabulous inspiration for fun gardening containers!! I love succulents because they're so easy and maintenance free, not needing much water.
    Mary Alice


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