Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mini miss begonia

 A special package arrived for me today...

In March 2013, Judy from 20 North Ora introduced us to Miss Begonia. You can read all about her here. What a beauty all decked out in beautiful pieces of lace and pretty buttons. This past April, Judy made a Mini Miss Begonia and had a giveaway. Guess who won?

 Of course, Miss Nosy (AKA, Clementine) had to immediately jump on the table and check out this mysterious package. She sure gave it a good sniffing!

 I knew even before Mini Miss Begonia arrived, that she would fit in perfectly in my office. (Little side note: I just recently moved this table into my office from the kitchen and hung the window frame on the wall, so this is something new, too.) Isn't she pretty? 

 And then I thought, she needs necklaces! What a pretty way to display them. What do you think?

I think Mini Miss Begonia fits right in this room. Thank you, Judy ~ so generous and kind of you and very much appreciated!

PS - it is still quite chilly here (only in the 40's!) and cloudy and damp. We even have a frost warning tonight! I couldn't stand the long grass any longer and mowed this morning. We're supposed to have our driveway sealcoated tomorrow...they're saying sunshine and a bit warmer, so crossing my fingers on that one. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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  1. Oh gosh your were so lucky to win it and its so pretty...but what I really really like is your window frame with all the cuteness in side. It's been so cold and rainy here and I want it to warm up!

  2. Melanie, mini Miss Begonia is so cute and perfect in your office. Love that window you hung also. Judy is such a sweet and talented lady!


  3. I love Miss Begonia...and mini Miss Begonia is lovely, too! She looks right at home in your home!

  4. Congratulations! She looks lovely standing there and the necklaces are a very cute touch :)
    Here's wishing you sunshine.
    Connie :)

  5. Mini Miss Begonia looks perfect on your table! Judy is a talented gal, I love seeing what she makes. Congrats to you on the win! Love the window, too!

  6. Miss Begonia is lovely. As is your window frame. I love those kinds of things, where you can display a bunch of your favorite photos and treasures in the different cubby holes. It looks great the way you have it decorated.

  7. Congratulations on your win. She is adorable and I love your little private space, Looks so cozy and inviting.


  8. I love Miss Begonia! She's very pretty. I like the necklaces on her, they're long so she looks a little like a flapper to me. :) Congratulations on your win!

  9. Mini Miss Begonia looks lovely with her sweet necklaces on :)


  10. Lucky winner ! :) She seems happy with her necklaces on :)


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