Tuesday, May 26, 2015

after the rain

 Sure hard to believe today is Tuesday. With a long holiday weekend here in the US and nothing but rain here most of the day today, it seems like a Monday. The heavens opened up this morning and it poured for seemingly endless hours. The humidity was a killer...my feet were sticking to the hardwood floors, my hair looked like a Brillo pad, and my arm with the lymphedema swelled up. But then it'd be like someone flipped a switch. The rain would abruptly stop and the sun would be shining. Ten minutes later, it'd be pouring again.

I ran outside at one point to take some photos when the rain stopped. I don't know where all these tree seeds are coming from this year...previous years were never this bad. Cleaning up the patio when we dry out a bit isn't going to be fun.

 Raindrops on a dahlia...

 The chive blossoms were at their peak after all the rain...

 I cut a bunch of the blossoms and put them in a Ball jar and filled the jar with rice vinegar. I'll keep the jar in the dark basement for two weeks, then strain the blossoms from the vinegar. I'll then use the vinegar to make vinaigrette (that will obviously have a slight onion flavor).

 My office (used to be Phil's bedroom) is at the back of the house and one of the windows faces west. The afternoon sun that comes in that window is brilliant. I love how cats seek out sunbeams, so it was no surprise that I found them in this room at one point when the sun was shining. Clementine chose the top of the chair, while her "baby", Monkey took refuge on the rug.

Zippo chose my desk, right by the window.

 My oldest niece's graduation party was yesterday...I'll post about that later this week.
Happy Monday Tuesday!



  1. Yes...what a crazy day here in my part of Illinois. The wind was terrible all day and we had a huge limb come down---no damage but I heard it hit the ground (and you know I can't hear crap!!). It was supposed to get nice tomorrow but just watched the news and now it's more of the same. Ouch! I just keep plugging along with projects inside the house. And yes...the humidity makes it worse. I've got a setting on our a/c called "dry". it takes the moisture out of the air without the cooling. I love that. Then I use ceiling fans.

    Have a good week...if possible! Hope your arm isn't painful.

    Jane x

  2. Melanie, that red chair looks so comfortable; I would be taking my nap in it, too.
    Smart Kitties:)

  3. The weather seems to have gone a bit crazy here lately, we have had a cold and grey holiday weekend and then it is bright sunshine today and looks like the height of summer! What is going on!!! I hope that your weather - and everything else - evens out soon. Our garden is covered with pollen and flowers from the two oak trees in our garden. I wait until it stops falling before we try and clear it out of the way, so annoying isn't it! xx

  4. We had rain, rain, rain yesterday, too. And that was after a very rainy day on Sunday. The good news is all that rain is making the plants shoot up. I swear my peony bushes have grown 6 inches in the last couple days.

  5. The weather sounds a little crazy there. I hope it's cleared out by now. I love seeing your flowers. I think after the rain is the best time to photograph the garden. Everything is fresh and clean.

  6. I just bust out laughing at the Brillo pad description. I have thick course wavy hair and it does the same thing!

  7. I laughed at the brillo pad description too lol I get the same thing when it's humid.

    Love the kitties in the sunshine.... so cute!



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