Tuesday, April 14, 2015

day trip ~ retro kitchen cart and suitcase

This past Saturday proved to be one of those beautiful spring days, plus Brian had a rare day off work. We took a little day trip to one of our favorite spots: the city of Evanston, right outside Chicago. We met up with my mom at Secret Treasures ~ our favorite Chicagoland antique shop. I don't think I've ever walked out of this place empty-handed. And that's not as "bad" as it sounds. The prices at this shop are way more than fair.

Secret Treasures carries a little bit of everything vintage...furniture, kitchen items, cookbooks, ephemera, linens, McCoy pottery, artwork, cameras, flatware, jewelry, toys, knick knacks and tons of dishes.

Two things really caught my eye this time though: this yellow suitcase and the kitchen cart. Mom was crushing on both of these items too, but I arm wrestled her for them.
Just kidding.

The shop owner was putting out more items and when she put out this cart, Mom snagged this one up! It's a smaller dimension than mine, which made it the perfect size for where Mom wanted it in her kitchen.

 After shopping, we had lunch at the always cool and funky restaurant, The Lucky Platter

This place has the most fabulous, fresh homemade food. I had the black bean burger which was so filling, I could only eat half of it. Brian had the portabella mushroom burger, which you can see in the background.

Another must-stop place for us in Evanston is Bookends and Beginnings.

Just follow the footprints down the alley...

Yes, please.

My love (besides the books)...

 After shopping at the bookstore, we took a walk in the sunshine by Lake Michigan.

 So now back to the home front. Here's that kitchen cart in all its vintage glory.

 I think it fits in my kitchen perfectly and I like that it gives me storage space, too.

Just so you can see the difference, here's what my kitchen looked like before. That butlers table on the left is now in my office. And coincidentally enough, the butlers table was also from Secret Treasures!

As for the yellow suitcase, I'm still playing with it. For right now, I have it stacked on a chest in my living room as sort of a coffee table.

 At first, I had it in the center of the rug as a coffee table, but you couldn't put your feet up on it while sitting on the sofa. Brian and I both like a table or ottoman where we can put our feet up. So then I pushed the suitcases to the side and put an ottoman next to them. Not too keen on this look ~ though the cats rather add to the ambiance.

 I'm going to continue to play with different arrangements; perhaps moving the floor lamp and stacking suitcases in this corner.

To be continued!
 Enjoy this beautiful day.


  1. LOVE that cart and I like the one your mom got with the red around the edge. It reminds me of old enamelware. Cute suitcase, too. My daughter has always had them stacked for a table and I love the look. xo Diana

  2. SO many dishes! I love what you got. Suitcases are so versatile, because of course they serve as storage. And those carts always capture my heart.

  3. I love your cart!!! It looks so lovely in your kitchen. What an amazing shop that must be to visit!! xx

  4. Ooh! If I come to your house, will you take me to Secret Treasures? Please, please, please! That looks like so much fun! Love your finds.


  5. You had such a nice day out, Melanie. I love everything you did, it's all stuff I love to do too. The new cart is so cute! It looks perfect where you put it and I really like the mixing bowls on it too.

  6. I used to own a red cart just like the white one you bought, but after we remodeled our kitchen, I no longer had anywhere to put it, so it got donated to a charity store. I still love the retro style of it, though. And that yellow suitcase is DIVINE. I want to eat at that restaurant, too...

  7. Try as I might to discover treasure troves like you do-there are slim pickings in my neck of the woods.
    So, I will continue to enjoy your finds! You did good, Melanie!

  8. Melanie, you always go on the best excursions, combining thrifting, dining, books, and sunny walks! I love the way you've styled your new old kitchen cart - it looks so PRETTY in your kitchen!


  9. I haven't been to Evanston for several years. Last time was to a fabric store I believe. I love the look of the cart in your kitchen. Darling! How nice your mother was able to get one too.

  10. I love both of the kitchen carts and the suitcase.
    Sounds like you and Brian had a lovely day together.

  11. It does fit in your kitchen perfectly... your love and you do have a good day out together. I love book stores as much as you...but I usually head to the library. I would feel like I was in dish heaven standing in front of all those dishes!

  12. I want to go to that thrift store! All those dishes, and the suitcase and cart are irresistible (as you know lol).

    The cart has such a warm, vintage feel and it looks oerfect in your home. You must be so happy to have it!

  13. So much beautiful china! Great finds on that fun day! The cart is perfect for your kitchen.

  14. Oh those dishes were so lovely and I am in love with that wonderful cart. It looks like it was made to be in your kitchen, too. I'm glad that you all had a wonderful day and I hope your weekend is also amazing... :)

  15. Sounds like a fun little trip! And I am loving the kitchen card and how you accessorized it with all the fun pops of color. :)

  16. I love the kitchen cart. Looks perfect.

  17. I love a cart in a kitchen. It's handy for me, because it's where I can place all my cooking needs, since there isn't a counter next to my stove. I love both of your carts :)

    The suitcase is really cool too. And yes, the cats definitely add ambience ;)



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