Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the zen of puttering

There's just something about puttering around the house that's both relaxing
 and rejuvenating all at the same time. I find myself losing track of time, rearranging
 things and creating new displays and vignettes. I move from one project and room 
to another, like a moving meditation. Maybe this is why I was never really good at 
crafts. It's very hard for me to sit still and concentrate on one thing. 

So here's a few things I did today. I saw this easy, clever idea on Pinterest.
Take a metal baking rack and hang it behind the stove or on the backsplash,
add some small s-hooks, and use to hang cooking utensils.

There were just a few summer clearance items (75 - 80% off!) left at Michaels.
I found this polka dot planter that ended up costing $1.50. I love how it looks
in the kitchen with the succulents in it.

Remember the watercolor of the Golden Gate Bridge that I found at Secret
Treasures last week? I was saving it for when we re-do Tim's room after he
moves out, but I love it so much that I wanted to use it now. I played around
with staging it in different places, and finally settled on the ladder bookcase in
the living room. The vivid blue in the painting goes perfectly with all the other
pops of blue in this room. The glass and silver bowl in front of the painting is
filled with rocks, shells, and little pieces of wood that we found on the beaches
when we took our trip to San Francisco and the surrounding area back in 2009.

I found this old wax sealer last month when thrifting at Goodwill. It's obviously
painted over, but I did like the red. I love how it goes with the red wall at the
end of the hallway. PS - see the top book, The Riley Reader? Found this at
an antique shop years ago and couldn't resist since our last name is Riley.
Since then, I've found Riley Farm Rhymes and Riley Love Lyrics, both beneath
The Riley Reader.

Moving on to the main bath, I changed out the bottom shelf with a framed print
that used to be in the living room (where the Golden Gate Bridge painting now is),
a pink hydrangea, and stacked green and pink candles.

On to "my" room/office/quiet space/TV room - we still call it "Phil's room" - 
I made a new vignette on top of the dresser. I used an old letter sorter that belongs
to my hubby...he had it on his desk as a kid. I filled it with some note cards, an old
children's Bible (Brian's), some little dishes...and a Goebel bird sits on top with 
Brian's childhood rosary hanging from it. Stacked some books, a plant from the living
 room, a couple of small, colorful picture frames - and voila.

I'm still working on a couple of vignettes in the living room...the top of the buffet and
the top of the console table when you walk in the door. For some reason, these two
spots are a challenge for me. They either look too sparse or too cluttered. Oh well,
that means I get to keep on puttering ~ which is good for the soul!


  1. Fun seeing your puttering inside the house. I guess I would be a putter person outside in the gardens.

    Like earlier this evening when I moved a hanging planter, hung a hummer feeder with clean nectar, and then the puttering began in full force. WEEDING, one little weed that pops up all over. The good news is, we have had a rainy week and one pull, the weeds are out and ready for the cast off pile.

    I think you are right Melanie, meditating happens while puttering.

    Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend!

    1. I putter outdoors, too! There's no stopping me... :-)

  2. Love the idea of the baking rack for utensils! Doesn't it make you feel great to actually use an idea off of Pinterest?


    1. You mean instead of just pinning thousands of things and dreaming? Yes!

  3. You've got some great pieces there and you also have a real knack for putting items together. :)

  4. Hi Melanie, I like the utensils over the stove idea. I have tile there I would have to figure out how to attach it. You arrange objects around books beautifully. My books in the den are a hot mess and are never photographed. To answer your question about CC: she is going to be an exchange student for a semester at a Jesuit University from August until December but if she gets accepted into a scholarship program to teach English she will be there in Korea for an entire year. It is quire over whelming for me and why I have been blogging much less recently. I just followed you-I thought I already had. xo, olive

    1. Thanks for your compliments about my books and arranging, Olive. I can definitely understand why you're feeling overwhelmed about CC. While it's an amazing opportunity for her, it's also heart-breaking for a mom to have their child overseas.

  5. Everything looks great Melanie! It is fun to putter around. I have been doing it this morning and am taking a break to read some blogs.

    My favorite vignette is your wax sealer on the old Riley books and the cloche all on the cupboard. What a pretty scene that makes!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  6. I am terrible at styling vignettes but you really have the talent for it. Wish you could come to OK help me
    I think you will really find that rack over your stove to be handy, great idea!

    1. I love making vignettes, Rhonda...I would love to come visit you and help you out!

  7. Puttering around the house is an awesome pastime. I sometimes call it 'nesting'.

    1. Yes, I was nesting! But not because I'm pregnant, lol.

  8. Oh I love the tea pot planter. I am with you, nothing like a day sprucing up one's home.

    1. I was so happy to find that planter, especially for $1.50!

  9. It is relaxing to putter and fluff!

    Love the wax sealer and nest under the cloche - that looks really lovely!

  10. Melanie,

    Love the colours, the textures and the new locations! You got some pretty puttering goin' on!!



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