Monday, February 28, 2011

what's new around my home

The lamp, books, glass bowl, and plate rack on my buffet aren't new, but the vignette is. I like playing around with the decor in my house, changing things depending on my mood and the season. With the plate rack, I thought outside the box and tried putting some little pictures in it instead of plates. I like it! The vintage green bowl with the marbles (which belonged to my grandma) used to be on the console table.

Since I moved the green bowl with the marbles from the console table, that meant I got to play around with the console table decor, too. I found this glass candle holder at IKEA. I'm slowly changing some of the living room decor over to lighter items for spring, so this was a perfect choice.

The basement re-do continues. We made another trip to IKEA and picked up this large Chicago print. I think the little bits of orange in the picture really "pop" against the orange wall. Oh, and see the curtain rod above the window? I tried several different curtains, including one held back to the side with a hook. Looked terrible. I'm going to take down the curtain rod and brackets and just leave the window bare. This is the only window in the basement, so it's the only source of natural light.

We also bought three black floating shelves for another wall. The grouping on the shelves - mostly our son's paintings - are temporary. We are going to mat and frame our son's black and white photos and put on the shelves. I went to Michaels craft store today with some of the photos and unfortunately, only one of the photos fit their standard mats. You can see the photo on the bottom shelf, to the right.

Close-up of the photo. Sorry for the glare; the frame is glass.

When we were in Lake Geneva a week and a half ago (see post from Feb. 21st), I saw this bird votive holder and little dish in a store we stopped in. I have this obsession with bird decor... hubby is into composting and makes daily trips out to the backyard composter, which is kind of a pain - especially in the winter. We'd been looking at kitchen countertop composters, but never settled on a particular one. I was at TJ Maxx the other day and saw this pretty red one on clearance for $12! Sold! I'm assuming it was on clearance because it's red, as the stainless steel ones were over $30. Red is perfect for my kitchen.

I hope you have a lovely day, puttering and fluffing your own nest!


  1. I love your little birds....I'm very into birds these days. Don't they make you long for spring?? :)


  2. It looks so pretty Melanie... I love the bird on the stack of books. You asked where I get the pieces of glass on my tables, you can have a glass shop, like where you would get your winshield replaced, cut a piece. Just give them the measurements. It only costs a couple dollars or so. Happy weekend.

  3. I think the vignette on your console looks very pretty, Melanie! I love playing around with my pieces, too! I LOVE the picture of the Chicago's so beautiful and does look great on that wall. I think the black and white photos will be nice, too.

    I skimmed back to see your Lake Geneva post. We were just there in December. I wish we had stayed at a B&B as we usually do when we travel, but we found an excellent deal at the Days Inn. It just wasn't the same. But we really had a good time. Love all your pictures.

    I thought I was following your blog but am mistaken. I am now!


  4. WOW! The beadboard in the basement looks fabulous! So many wonderful touches in your house!


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