Monday, February 7, 2011

I heart you

I've always liked Valentine's Day because it's one of those holidays where there's no pressure. No pressure to give or receive gifts. No stressing over having 20 people over for a holiday dinner. You don't have to put up a Valentine tree. It's just kind of cheerful and light-hearted (no pun intended).

I like to make little Valentine's Day or "love" themes around the house. Here's the long shelf
 in my kitchen...

I found these "love" glasses at the Dollar Tree last year. I think they look cute filled with
 conversation hearts.

Isn't this little cross stitch pillow adorable? An online friend made it for me several years ago.

A side chair in my kitchen...

I even decorated part of my bedroom in a "love" theme.

Cloche in my living room...and yes, those are real love letters in there. They were from me to my boyfriend (who is now my hubby) back around 1982. Oh - and I took the letters out and just left the envelopes. Just in case anyone decided to get nosy. ;-)

Mirror in my living room framed with vintage Valentines. It was hard not to get myself in the picture!

On top of a little table in my living room...

I didn't do too much with the kitchen table. Just a red heart runner (HomeGoods) and heart cloth napkin in the display. I think the touches of yellow add not only a nice contrast, but a touch of cheer on these dark, gloomy winter days.

Little red stool in the landing off the kitchen, going downstairs.

OK, so normally I don't let my cats on the kitchen table, but there was one night where the hubby and I were playing Backgammon at the kitchen table. We moved the runner back so the game board would be level. Monkey jumped up on the table and proceeded to crawl into the runner! He looked so funny, I just had to take a picture before I made him get off the table.

Hope you all have days filled with love, no matter what the season or holiday.


  1. I love all your V-Day touches. The pillow is darling and so is your kitty. They always like to be up on something. I am forever getting ours off of our dining room table. Sweet how you've kept your love letters. We have some of ours too but I never thought to display them.

  2. Ah...even Monkey wanted to get dressed up for Valentine's day. How sweet! Love all your decorations. Isn't it fun to decorate for these kind of days? I just love your vintage Valentines! I have some reproduction ones which I also hang on my mirror but these look like they are real ones from our childhood. Are they?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. How I loved these pictures. Of course, my favorite one was of Monkey rolled up in the table runner. Why is it they are always attracted to the table and fresh laundry?!

  4. Oh how sweet that you have your old love letters! Your house is definitely ready for Valentine's Day. (And of course, your kitty kitty is precious!)


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