Monday, November 1, 2010


I don't know about you, but I love jewelry. Especially bracelets. Beaded, handcrafted, silver, gold, brass, copper, pearls, charms, turquoise, bangles, vintage, dangly, unusual - I love 'em all! I'm almost embarrassed to admit -I have a lot of bracelets. I hang the beaded ones from the corners of picture frames and layer them in pretty dishes. I also have quite a few sterling silver bracelets, which I keep in special little jewelry bags and boxes to protect them from tarnishing. Where do you keep your jewelry? Do you like to display your pieces?

Beaded one-piece wrap-around style bracelets. I got the one on the right for $1.99 at Goodwill!

Colorful, shiny beads...

 I really like this one because of the unusual mixture of turquoise with seed pearls.

My first bracelet - with only the Christmas wreath charm on it -  given to me by my mom for Christmas around 1974.  Charms from the top, best friend (8th grade photo) Missy; Forget-Me-Not charm from my mom, I think for Valentine's Day; Chicago Water Tower from my grandma; flute and piano from my parents (I played both); Siamese cat (representing my kitty, Vashti at the time); the Christmas wreath; Washington DC charm from my aunt when she took a trip there with her 8th grade class (this aunt is only 3 years older than me!); and a charm from the Louisiana Superdome (one of my high school band trips back in the late 70's).

A more recent purchase from an Etsy seller...unfortunately, I can't remember her name, so I can't give her any credit for this beautiful bracelet. Philip was my 21-year old son who passed away last year. The little red charm is a ruby, Philip's birthstone.

Hubby bought me this gorgeous gold and pearl bracelet a couple of years ago after I admired it in an antique shop. He went back and bought it for me and surprised me with it on my birthday. :-)

 This little beauty I got from the Sundance Catalog. Are you familiar with them? Yes, this is Robert Redford's company. Check them out at Be prepared to drool. Pricey, yes. But sometimes you can find good deals in their outlet section, which I did with this bracelet.


  1. Oh I love bracelets also Melanie. All my life I have wanted to have a genuine charm bracelet, with miss matched charms and odds and ends.....maybe someday! Great post!
    Tina xo

  2. Melanie - I have a passion for bracelets as well! We should get together and swap bracelets some time! I will be sure to check out the site you listed! With much love!!

  3. You have such a pretty collection! I keep a silver tray on my dresser where I toss jewerly I've just taken off, and I always keep a pretty necklace or two in there, just b/c I like how it looks!

  4. You have some pretty ones. Bracelets are my favorite piece of jewellery too and I have many. Deb =^..^=x5

  5. Fun bracelets...I love them, too! My oldest is a Ten Commandments charm bracelet I received in the early 60's- I can't believe I still have it, as many times as it fell off me as a girl LOL!


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