Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's all in the details

Sorry it's been awhile since my last blog post. Sometimes life gets in the way. In my last post, I gave you a tour of my living room - an overall view. Here's just a few details in my living room that I especially love.

A white painted, distressed stool with plants on it...

Top of the stool...I painted the red box and used it as a palette for some found treasures - rocks from the beaches of northern California, an especially beautiful bird feather found in my yard, a vintage key to my china cabinet, and a little glass battle found in an antique store.

Cloche on top of the buffet...

OK, what do you call this white thing?! It's pretty, whatever it is. I think it was designed to hold a candle, but sometimes it's fun to think outside the box. Or outside the thingamajig.

Faux hands are cool and creepy all at the same time...

Vintage green bowl that belonged to my grandma. I love the pointed edges. Anyone have any idea who the maker might be? The marbles belonged to my grandma, too. This is displayed on my console table.

How cool is this vintage fan? I've seen similar ones on eBay for over $200. I bargained down in a resale shop to a measly $15!

Wire cloche on top of my grandma's secretary desk.

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  1. Lovely details, Melanie! I love that little red box. :)


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