Friday, March 24, 2023


Hellllooo! It's been way too long. How can it be the end of March already? Though I'm glad it is. Because that means it's officially spring. At least that's what the calendar says. There's only a few signs of it here: chives, daffodils and sedum poking out of the ground; fat little robins hopping around and sandhill cranes flying overhead. The only thing blooming right now is snowdrops. It's been cold and wet this month and tomorrow we're supposed to get 5-8" of slushy, heavy snow. It seems like nice weather will never get here. 

I am an introvert through and through, but March has found me being quite social and trying some new things. I'm good with getting together with my friends one-on-one and I enjoy my yoga being a solo activity but still feel you're part of community. But anything more than that as far as a group activity, and I'm quite uncomfortable. I went to a meditation class last week where there were 15 of us sitting around in a circle. And we had to speak in front of this circle three times. It was awful for me. I kind of knew some of the people there from previous alternative healing classes, but afterwards, most of them were standing around talking in little groups and there I was, gathering up my things to leave, trying to sneak out without having to say goodbye to everyone in the room. Ugh, introvert awkwardness problems! 

 When I met my friend, Kari for coffee last month, we talked about going to a women's group at a beautiful horse farm "out in the country". I first went to this women's group about six years ago. It was one of those things where I would think about it from time to time, but never ended up going again. When Kari said she'd go with me, I was all in! Bonus: I got to meet Kari's mom, too. This group I enjoyed because it was quiet and personal and I wasn't pressured to speak. However, it was quite intense and went late. I can't just go to bed when I get home from these types of outings. It takes me several hours to decompress.

Man, how I love horses. The smell of leather and horse sweat, the immenseness of their presence, their amazing intuition. I had a horse when I was a teenager and we lived in Kentucky for a few years. Her name was Judy and she looked similar to this guy, Jack.

I finally got to meet Kris from Junk Chic Cottage in person! We've followed each other's blogs and personally emailed back and forth for years. We met halfway (we live 75 miles from each other) at a beautiful French creperie for lunch. Did we remember to take any photos? No, of course not. We were too busy talking and getting to know each other. Kris is an absolute sweetheart and gifted me with this lovely bag of spring goodies.

For the coming week, I'm going to concentrate on going back to this.

(Gift from one of my besties who knows me too well.)

How about you, are you an introvert or an extrovert?


  1. This really speaks to me. I used to think of myself as an extrovert until the lockdown happened. I realized I am an introvert, and it made me very happy to finally admit that to myself. As someone who needs to unwind after social gatherings, I completely understand this post. I'm glad we did the soul night together because you make me feel safe.❤️

  2. I'm definitely an introvert. I'm happy with my own company. I'd rather have a cat than a person living with me for sure.

  3. I love the horse farm women's meet up. That looked amazing. I am so happy we finally got together to meet up. It was fun and we talked like we had known each other for years and not just through blogging. it was fun and I hope to host you again down my directions when the weather is better. Have a good weekend. Hugs. Kris

  4. Introvert here. Love your beautiful spring post!

  5. Your snow drops look so pretty. I hope your predicted slush event doesn't cover them up while they are in their glory.
    As I read about your introvert awkwardness problems I could TOTALLY relate, so I guess that tells you which camp I fall into.
    I'm glad you decided to go to the women's group at the horse farm. It looks like a memorable experience.

  6. Hi Melanie. Yes, I totally understand because I also fall into the introvert category. I can handle small groups, if I know everyone well, but larger group of unknowns cause me a lot of anxiety. I am glad you found a group you can be comfortable with. I love the pictures from the barn. So nice that you got to meet up with your blogging friend Kris. She gifted you some lovely spring items. I love the socks you bestie gave you. I need a pair like that too. I hope you have a lovely spring. See you again soon!

  7. I am such an introvert (I must find those socks.). I have learned the skills needed to be "public" and to connect in groups, but I am always monitoring the energy it takes to do so. I know as we get older he research says it is important to be with other people, but chances are if we live long enough we will have more and more alone time and yet no one talks about developing comfort with oneself. Thanks for your honesty.

  8. Your women's group at this venue was intriguing, Melanie. Horses are such glorious creatures. I'm not sure if I'm an introvert or not. I was such a shy teenager and had stage fright before any kind of public speaking but once I began speaking the fear left and I spent a year speaking at P.T.A. meetings at different schools when I was liaison between the board of education and my kids' school. I became much less shy once I hit my 60s and always loved going to women's groups. Since staying at home so much these last few years though, I do find myself returning to being very shy. And I really get you about even a fun gathering in the evening meaning not being able to sleep due to my mind being too busy. I guess I think of myself as being neither extrovert or introvert but somewhere in the middle. Is there a name for that? I bet spring will soon speed up there where you live. Even with 3 nights of killing freezes here the crabapples out front here are in flower and the air just feels so lovely in the mornings now when I go outside with my dachshunds. By the way, how perfectly wonderful that you and Kris were able to meet in person! Two of the loveliest women in our blog world!

  9. I love that you and Kris met!! We make such lovely connections through the internet and our blogs, but since we're scattered all over the country - or world - in real life, sometimes meeting is just not possible. How wonderful you two were able to make it happen!!

  10. I’m such a mix of the two that even *I* don’t know which I am!


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