Thursday, September 3, 2020

still in summer mode

Here we are in September already. While I'm not in any way ready for fall and technically it doesn't start for almost another three weeks, I see the signs all around me. Dry leaves are falling to the ground and crunching underfoot. The morning light is softer and filtered in the way it falls across the front yard.

 One of my favorite plants this summer has been this black and blue salvia. I am endlessly fascinated by the color of the flowers. I see hummingbirds on the flowers at least ten times a day. Of course, bees love it, too.

Just this morning as I was sitting on the front porch with my coffee, a dragonfly came to visit on the salvia.

My son who now lives out-of-state, was just here visiting for a few days. I dropped him of at the airport a couple of days ago and when I got back home, I saw this in the guest room. An empty, messy bed. Made my mama heart break a little bit.

Because, of course, this is what my heart always sees and feels...even though he's now 29 years old. 

I haven't read as much this summer as I usually do. According to my Goodreads reading goal, I'm nine books behind schedule. (Quit judging me, Goodreads!) This is the book I'm in the middle of reading right now. You might recognize the author's name...she's most famous for "The Secret Life of Bees", "The Mermaid Chair" and "The Invention of Wings". She's also written some non-fiction: "The Dance of the Dissident Daughter" and "When the Heart Waits". I've read all her books and loved them. So far, this story ranks up there with all her other books. It's historical fiction from the days of Jesus told by a female perspective. Kidd's brilliant writing pulls you right into the story and there's an amazing connection to the characters because she brings them to life.

I discovered Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest on Instagram and have been obsessed with her recipes. Literally everything she makes looks so good. I've tried a few of her recipes and they're as good as they look. When I saw that she had a new cookbook out, I got it from my local library to check it out before buying it online. I ended up putting sticky tabs on so many pages, that I knew I had to buy this cookbook. This cookbook basically covers everything: Breakfast and Brunch, Appetizers and Sides, Salad and Soup, Pizza and Pasta, Vegetarian, Poultry and Pork, Beef and Lamb, Seafood and Fish and Dessert.

 I'm seeing people all over Instagram talking about fall decorating already. I can't even go there. It is still summer!!

I'm leaving my cheery, bright, light decor up for at least another two weeks.

All too soon, I won't even hear the beautiful chirping of little birdies all around my yard. This pretty, colorful pillow will be replaced with one with stupid pumpkins muted colors.

The big change that will be coming to my living room in October is...
a new sofa!


This 15-year old one is long past its prime. We'd been looking for over a year in stores and online. 

We finally decided on an off-white slipcovered sofa from Crate and Barrel. I have to say that the saleswomen at the Crate and Barrel store were very helpful with working with our needs (color, length, material, style). The bonus was that C&B was having their annual sofa sale, so we saved some money. The sofa is being made in North Carolina so that's why it'll take awhile to get here. I guess there'll be one good thing to look forward to this fall. 😉


  1. I finished the Book of Longings Last Night. I loved every page. Characters that I had known before just came to life. Wonderful book.

    I'm not usually one to rush the seasons, but I do love fall. I might have snuck a few pumpkins out already;)

    The photo of the bed and then your 'little boy' pulled at this mama's heartstrings, too. It's so hard to reconcile that those little ones become all grown up. There's still the child in their somewhere.

    Stunning photo of the dragonfly! Great shot!

  2. Good Morning. I love the photo you got of the dragonfly. Just beautiful. I am holding onto summer for a little while longer too. Happy Friday. Have a good weekend. xoxo

  3. How exciting that you are getting a new sofa! I love that, something to look forward to.
    I hear people talking about decorating for fall too. I think some people just need something to look forward to, how to deal with all the crap we are being exposed to daily. I mean, if it makes you happy, do it. My mom said she is decorating for Christmas the day after Halloween and I said, why not? We are going to be inside anyway LOL.
    I mean, I couldn't do that but everyone is different. NOW, I am not at ALL ready for fall either, I am with you. Keep me in summer mode as long as possible. I enjoy the greens and whites and yellows and let it stretch until mid-September. :) But I did make those donuts last night and they were so good. But donuts are a year-round dessert, so...

    Can't wait to see you in a couple of hours!

  4. Congrats on finally finding a sofa! I wish we had a C&B store here. The hummingbirds love those tubular flowers.

  5. Love your Salvia and how fun having many hummingbirds, my favorite.

    I have to be honest cooler and colder montgs are my favorite time. I live my hydrangeas and flowers but that's it for me. Other than that I'm not a fan of summer.

    I know, gasp


  6. I'm a summer lover, too. I posted about fall decor today, but just for idea gathering. I can't even look at pumpkins yet! And we have furniture from all over in our house and I have to say my all time favorite piece, and truly most well made, is from Crate And Barrel. It's wood, not upholstered, but quality, quality, quality and so pretty, too. I think you'll love your couch!

  7. I love that purple salvia - I may get one of those plant for my patio garden next year. If it attracts hummingbirds, I'm all into that! Yes, as the mother of two sons (and two daughters) I totally get how a mother's heart can break just from missing her kids. Yes, fall will be here soon. I will look forward to seeing your new sofa. That is really something to look forward to. Have a good weekend. I will see you again soon!

  8. I miss my boys when I don't see them, I was practically crazy when my oldest was in Ohio for four and a half years. So I very much understand your sad heart and that messy bed. I would leave it a few days and pretend he is coming in the door any minute, that is how I cope. Good for you with the new sofa. My friend has that type of sofa and loves it. Stay safe.

  9. I totally understand your desire to hang onto summer. Keep on enjoying every last moment.
    That salvia sure is pretty. I need to make a note to look for it next season.
    How nice that your son could come for a visit. I would be the same way about the bed after he left.
    A new sofa sounds very exciting. Hope you will be sharing it with us.

  10. It's so great to read a blog post from you, Mel, and catch up. I'm either too busy or too tired from being busy to blog like I used to. I'm trying.

    I'm with you on saying goodbye to fall so early. I think it's because we have such a long cold winter. Temps in the 60's and 50' aren't a reason to stay indoors.

    Love that you got to see your baby-I can imagine how hard the distance is. Books, I was surprised to look through books to donate from 2019 and I had read nineteen! Well, who the heck cares?. Hahaha. I'm slower this year and haven't kept count. I'll fill you in later via email if you want. Half Baked Harvest, the books and blog are gold to me. The recipes also leave a little wiggle room if you don't have an ingredient.

    I think you will be getting a lot of bang for your buck on a C&B sofa. Be sure to post pictures!

    I've been at the lake since mid August. I had planned to go home tomorrow, and was feeling a little homesick, then I missed a step going into the garage from the house (without turning on the dang light) and did a terrible number on my right foot and ankle. Al is coming up tomorrow to get me to a doc but not sure where I'll recover. It's always sometime...

    Take care and keep enjoying that coffee on the porch!

    Jane ❤️

  11. I did the fluids for my cat because I loved him and you can, too. It's not awful.


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