Sunday, August 9, 2020

august simple pleasures

Oh, how I love summer. It's just not long enough here in Illinois. Sun-filled days that light up my home; making tomato galette from farm fresh tomatoes (though the small ones are San Marzanos that we're growing); being grateful for kind neighbors who bring me peaches from their peach trees; dining alfresco at socially distanced restaurant tables; birds cooing at us from high wires while we take our evening walks around the neighborhood; spying a hot air balloon in the sky while riding in the car, wondering how carefree the people in the balloon must feel; visiting the hens, roosters and turkeys at a local farm; ending a beautiful summer day by walking down to the lake and watching the sun set.

I have to throw in here that I hate the new Blogger format! It's different every time I write a post and unfortunately, more frustrating each time, too. Why did they have to change what was working just fine and why is it not user friendly?!


  1. August is beautiful where you are. It is just hot and humid in Florida. Not a hint of Fall in the air. I hate the new Blogger, it is a mess. Stay safe.

  2. LMAO you are the fifth blogger to say that about the new format. I don't have Blogger, so I haven't checked it out. I think I still have my old Blogger account, so I should take a peek.
    I love summer too although this one was a rough one with migraines. I am hoping next summer will be better as I will be in menopause. :)
    I love your photo posts.

  3. There are some parts of summer I enjoy but I do not like the heat and humidity and we have had too much of that lately here in Illinois! You certainly get out and about more than I do. Love your photos - they show your daily life so well! Thanks!

  4. Melanie, it's was sweet to open my computer this morning and see that you had a new post. I always enjoy my visits.
    I agree with everything you said about the new Blogger . . . Why, why, why?
    Wishing you a lovely week.
    Connie :)

  5. I'm happy with Wordpress now. We use the Gutenberg format, which is blocks. Everything, photos and content, are a chosen block. Then you fill it. Lots and lots of choices, like quotes, etc. It makes a lot of sense. Everything is easier on WP now. It is not the WP of old that was a pain in the butt. I pay a guy a monthly fee to take care of things I can't figure out, and a fee to my host. And of course a Mad Mimi email cost. All of which are tax deductible of course.

  6. This is a lovely post about your summer. Those peaches look awesome.

    It took me a little bit of time to get used to the new blogger format, but I like it ok now.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  7. Not much love for summer from me, except for the fresh produce and herbs. Heat and humidity that makes it hard to even breathe sometimes. Ugh.
    Today was nice, though, and the kids and I sat on the patio to play some spirited games of Uno.
    I've been thinking about resurrecting my blog, but haven't been on blogger for ages. I'll have to check it out.

  8. I wish you could have a long long summer, Melanie! Just as long as it turns fall here on time this year unlike last year when it was summer until the end of October. But I know how much you love summer and hate those long cold winters there. Your photographs show a lovely August so far, I love your pretty window area and the tomato galette looks delicious! And oh, that amazing sunset!

    I've only done one post on the new Blogger and I was so surprised how nicely it went. I really liked it and I love the new way they have the stats and comment section. I hope my next posts go as easily as the first one did.

  9. Those storms that came through stop power at 3 today. Not looking good to get it back on anytime soon. You must have power. I had a shit day. And now this. Ugh. At least we can have the windows open tonight. Trying to do some emails by candle light. I think I will go to bed soon. Nothing else to do. I might have to take a ride in the car to charge my phone. Kris

  10. Such a lovely post. That top photo just feels like summer, I can almost feel the breeze and see the curtains move. I agree, I don't like the new blogger AT ALL. Posting photos is more complicated and for some reason, I can't always scroll down the page to see all my settings. I tried WP years ago, and it looks nice, but it was really difficult for some Bloggers to post. And I find that I can't always post comments on Wordpress blogs. Thanks for letting me vent;)

  11. Your pictures today were especially lovely.
    I need to make that tomato "pie". It looks delicious.

  12. My grandma made a tomato pie for family reunions (way back when I was much younger lol)... it was sooo delicious. Love all the photos, especially the hot air balloon! I agree about blogger, they really did a bad turn doing this update. I reverted to the legacy blogger and will continue using it for as long as I can get away with it. Just glad I was a web developer and know how to tweak things. Have a blessed week and stay well, Melanie!


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