Wednesday, May 29, 2019

easy way to lighten up a room for summer

I've been wanting a new living room rug for awhile, but that was something that was put on the back burner. The dark brown rug that we currently had made the entire living room look too dark. The rug was also starting to pill. The living room needed a lighter look, especially for the warmer months. With Wayfair's Summer at Home campaign, I figured this was the perfect time for that new rug. 
(Disclaimer: As a member of the Wayfair Homemaker program, I have been compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are completely my own.)

I was tired of all the beige and brown going on in this room with all the main elements: walls, couch, coffee table, rug.

Sure, I used lighter colored decor and even some white, but still...

I was ready for a new, lighter feature in this room.

 I was looking for an ivory rug with an unobtrusive, neutral pattern. Wayfair has a huge array of rugs to choose from. I ended up choosing this plush ivory area rug and I couldn't be more pleased!

It lightens up the room just as I had hoped.

I'm also super impressed with the quality of this rug. It's plush and well made and feels wonderful underfoot. We are loving this rug so much, we are thinking about ordering the same one for the second spare bedroom!

There'll be some other changes going on in my living room...slowly but surely. Have you changed any of your decor for the warmer months?


  1. Hi Melanie love the new rug. Funny how changing a rug gives a room a different feel and look. I was nervous the first time I purchased a rug online.

    I did a similar change in our dining room. It gave our room life. Have to finish one piece then post

    Hope the weather is good by you.


  2. Oh my gosh Melanie what a big difference just lightening up the rug did for your room. Beautiful. I love the plushness to this rug too. The colors are perfect. Really nice.

  3. Your new rug really lightens the space up. Good choice.

  4. I love it! It really does lighten up the room. The fact that it's soft is great for those barefoot summer month. I bet your kitties are excited about curling up on it, too!

  5. With all the gloom and rain, I want to throw everything away and start all over. White. EVERYWHERE.

  6. This is beautiful, Melanie! It really does brighten up the whole space...perfect for summer! I know you must love the fresh feeling in there now!

  7. Pretty look! I like the way it picks up the pattern in your throw pillow. I like to change things up for the seasons, mostly bed linens.

  8. That's a great rug and looks perfect in your room, Melanie!! No changes here....I've been boring!

  9. We're in the midst of a laundry room makeover - not so much for the warmer weather, but just to make it nice to be back there.
    I like your lightened up living room!

  10. Love the new rug. I have ordered two but sent them both back because they just didn't work. I have put myself on a rug buying ban until I really find something that I can't live without.

  11. Melanie-That really made a difference in lightening things up for summer. It looks great in the room, too!
    Hope you have a great night. I am 'late' visiting, I know. xo Diana

  12. Your other rug was very pretty but this one does make a big impact, very nice! And it sounds like it is comfy to walk on and touch and that's really important too.

    It's funny, but when Zack and Courtney were visiting me recently and Court and I were talking rugs and Zack said, "What is it with women and rugs? Courtney's crazy about them too."


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