Tuesday, May 8, 2018

for today ~ may edition

Looking out my window ~
I finally see green! 😍

I am thinking ~
about certain friends and relatives that are battling cancer, having complications from diabetes and facing surgery.

I am thankful ~
for the abundant sunshine and perfect temps we've had lately, which have made the plants and trees explode with greenery and flowers.

 (Bleeding Heart)

(Bishop's Cap)

One of my favorite things ~
fresh, clean bed linens. 

I am creating ~
handmade cards for Mother's Day and other occasions. I looked in three stores at Mother's Day cards and was appalled to find that I couldn't find a decent card under $6. Besides, I can make a prettier one on my own and then write my own sentiment. 

I am wearing ~
A gray and white striped cotton top and denim capris.

I am reading ~
Stretch Marks by Joan Anderson...from Amazon:

"Drawing on personal experiences and her research of the transformative changes in a woman's life, Anderson illuminates the rewards of nurturing long-neglected talents, revitalizing plans sacrificed to the demands of family, and stretching toward new possibilities and values. Suffused with her candid introspection and humor, these essays off a panoramic vision of issues that haunt the modern woman. This book means to breathe new life into the reader who longs to be an individual beyond the roles that she plays with the intent to help her emerge from between the covers of Stretch Marks with something approaching vision."

Also reading A-Z Great Modern Writers by Andy Touhy...from Amazon:

"Artist and graphic designer Andy Tuohy turns his hand to the world of literature, in this new installment of the A-Z series. Rendered in his distinctive style, this new book features portraits of 52 key modern writers significant for their contribution to literature, with a whole host of names from across the world including Gabriel García Márquez, Samuel Beckett, Émile Zola, Jung Chang, Franz Kafka and Leo Tolstoy to name but a few."

"Alabama, Arkansas,
I do love my Ma and Pa

Not the way that I do love you

Well, holy moly me oh my

You're the apple of my eye
Girl, I've never loved one like you

Man, oh man, you're my best friend
I scream it to the nothingness
There ain't nothing that I need

Well, hot and heavy pumpkin pie
Chocolate candy, Jesus Christ
Ain't nothing that please me more than you


Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you
Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you...."

I am hoping ~
for a rain-free Mother's Day on Sunday so that we can grill.

I am learning ~
the importance of being mindful.

In my kitchen ~
Freekeh! Have you ever had this Middle Eastern grain? It's wheat that was harvested when it was still green. It has a chewy bite and a slightly smoky, nutty flavor. It's also a nutritional powerhouse: it has more protein than quinoa and twice the fiber. It's lower on the glycemic index, high in iron, calcium and zinc, and even acts like a prebiotic, promoting the growth of good bacteria in your gut. You can substitute it for rice, quinoa, bulgur or farro. Try it hot for breakfast instead of oatmeal. Add it to soups. Or make a salad - which is what I did. I cooked the freekeh then let it cool down. I then added chopped cucumber, tomatoes, red bell pepper, Greek olives (which I got at a Middle Eastern grocer last week), red onion, feta cheese, and fresh parsley. The dressing is extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh lemon juice, oregano, salt and pepper.

Post Script ~
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How about an Instagram shout-out? Sharon Lovejoy is an author, artist, and wonderful cook who lives in a gorgeous house in California. Her photos are beautiful, uplifting and the essence of home and a life well-lived.

Check out her account at https://www.instagram.com/sharonlovejoyauthor/

Shared quote ~

A moment from my day ~
Zippo (dark kitty) and Clementine enjoying the morning sunbeam. Zippo's 19th birthday was yesterday! He's doing pretty well for an old guy. He has the usual elderly feline maladies...he's a bit senile and deaf, has glaucoma and cataracts, thyroid disease and borderline kidney disease. He sees an eye vet and has meds for his eye problems and is on medication for his thyroid. He still has a good appetite, uses the cat box, and is a fantastic snuggler. We know our time with him is very limited, which makes us sad, but of course we're grateful for the many years we've had with him. Someone dumped him and his two brothers on our property when they were only about three months old. A friend took Zippo's two brothers. 

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  1. Love seeing the kitties soaking up the sunshine. Nothing like taking a nap in the sunshine. One of my faves is fresh sheets on the bed too. That is where I find my peace and clean fresh smelling sheets are the best. Have a great evening.

  2. I can't believe your kitty is 19! Wow, that's a great life! I like post like this because I get to know you better and what's going on and sharing yourself. It's a larger glimpse into you.

  3. Happy Birthday Zippo!!! My Lily will be 16 in September and like you, I know my time with her is limited. Poor thing has eyesight problems, is nearly deaf, is covered in lumps and bumps, and has issues with her hips/legs. But her appetite is still 100% and she still tries to play with toys and run after squirrels so she's still got quality of life and that makes me happy!!

  4. Enjoy all the time you have with Zippo. They give us so much love don't they. I always enjoy these posts when you do them. I had a root canal today so I'm a bit grumpy...LOL!

  5. I love reading these sort of posts. You learn a lot about the blogger. Joan Anderson sounds familiar. Did she write the book about being all alone in her cabin for a year? I really enjoyed that book it she is the author.

    Your recipe looks good. When I lowered macabre intake, what I missed the most was grains and beans. Not bread or pasta, just quinoa, falafel, rice, etc. Even to have a few bites is dangerous territory.

    I can't believe kitties live this long. You've taken good care of her. I wish him many more healthy years.

  6. How lovely to follow through with your daily meanderings...Your salad look delicious and definately one which I would love.... How ' pleasant to spend time creating Mother's Day Cards ....It is such a happy past-time. Being mindful is so therapeutic and healthy for us.... Thanks for reminding me.... Hugs

  7. Replies
    1. It's right there in the description, Sandi. It's called freekah!

  8. Love reading the update on your kitties. I remember when Zippo showed up--I adopted Sandy Paws & Violet around the same time. And when Clementine turned up pregnant in your yard!! I still find it uncanny that Monkey and Clementine look so much like Zippo! Give Zippo a cuddle from me. Sweet boy.

  9. These Daybook posts of yours are always so fun to peruse.

    I have never heard of that grain, no! :) The most adventurous I've gotten thus far is with bulgar wheat after tasting my DIL's friends Greek salad with it last year :) This looks delicious.

  10. Hello Melanie! Thank you for following me over from Instagram and visiting my blog! I apologize for the lateness of my visit, having company and the arrival of spring/summer has been quite exciting around here :) I really enjoyed your post today, it is wonderful to get a little peak into your life, and get to know you better! How amazing that your Zippo is 19 years old! That is a really long lifespan, and how special that you have had him with you all these years! So wonderful to see all the greens and blooms out now, truly loving the spring/summer days we are having! So happy that we can get to know each other better through blogging, blessings and hugs to you :)

  11. I love these daybook posts. It's wonderful to have a glimpse into the everyday life of friends you can't drop in on. Cards are awful these days aren't they? I'm sure yours were lovely, my sweet friend :)

    The bathroom is on hold until monsoon season... gotta get the outside done!


  12. Lovely post, so many wonderful things to ponder!


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