Monday, August 7, 2017

flea market ~ and a zippo update

 What a great time we had on Saturday! Me, Brian, my mom and aunt headed out to the flea market. We hadn't been there in several years. We didn't go with the intentions of buying anything...we just wanted to have a nice day outdoors together while the weather is still beautiful. This is probably the only picture you'll ever see of me in a hat. I am so not a hat person. Even when I was a kid, I hated hats. I don't even wear them through our brutal winters here in the Chicago area. I will put up the hood on my coat though. ;-) So, the only reason I wore a hat this day was to protect my hair color. I had just gotten my hair cut and colored the day before.

My mom and my aunt.

This is a huge flea market ~ we probably only covered half of it in a few hours. There are hundreds of vendors. I kept my phone in my purse and only took a couple of photos, so I borrowed the following ones from my aunt.

We loved these bourbon barrels. How cool would one of these be on a big patio or deck with a round glass top to make a table?

Lots of pretty bottles at this one vendor. These sure would be pretty lining a window.

I spent a whole fifty cents at the flea market. I was going through a box of vintage buttons and found one that said "Pip". Pip was my nickname for Phil. I had to have this button for his memory shelf.

On to news about my Zippo...

He saw the veterinary opthamologist last Thursday. Poor thing had all kinds of eye tests, a blood pressure test taken from his tail, and was put in a cat bag (like a little sleeping bag for cats...only his head was poking out) so that they could take blood from his jugular vein. He freaked out in the bag and peed in it...and all over the vet! She took it in stride and was laughing. She said she brings two changes of clothes to work with her every day. Of course, Zippo then had to have a bath. They didn't put him in a tub of water. They were able to wash him with a wet, soapy washcloth.

Turns out Zippo not only has secondary glaucoma, but cataracts and chronic uveitis. He's on three different medications. The pressure in his eye was 58. I believe the normal range is 10-20. 

Look how much better my fur baby's eye looks already! We went for an eye pressure re-check this morning and the news was very good. His pressure was down to 13! They also did what's called the "menace response" which tests the cat's blink reflex. The tech covered Zippo's good eye, then waved his hand in different directions in front of Zippo's right eye. He rated a weak-positive. Most of the blood tests have come back negative - but they're still waiting for a few more. The vet is trying to determine what caused Zippo's glaucoma in the first place (since it's secondary glaucoma). His urinalysis came back that he has borderline kidney disease, but the vet said for a cat his age, this wasn't bad at all. I have to follow up with Zippo's regular vet.

The vet also said with this good news today - so far - he doesn't need eye surgery. At the first visit last week, a shot in the eye or even removal of his eye was a possibility. I didn't say anything to the vet, but Brian and I discussed this and we decided if it came down to where Zippo needed his eye removed, we wouldn't do it. I know it's a very personal decision, but Zippo is 18 years old, has borderline kidney disease, and only weighs 8 lbs. To put him through the trauma of anesthesia and a major surgery would not be fair to him. He's had a long, loving, wonderful kitty life and we do not want him to suffer.

Happy Meowy Monday!


  1. I am so glad that Zippo got a good report after taking his meds. I hope he continues to improve. I understand your decision about the surgery. It is always a hard decision to make but one made with love for the animal.

  2. I'm so glad Zippo doesn't have to have eye surgery. I'm with you on not putting a cat that old through that much. He looks better and that sweet face makes me want to give him a big ole kiss. The flea market looked like so much fun. I don't wear hats much either but when I'm out in the sun like that I do or I'd be a mess. Sending you hugs and Zippo purrs!

  3. Glad you had fun at the flea market. Years ago I had LOTS of hats. When John and I got married I think I had 20 some with matching outfits (career girl clothes)

    I don't blame you. I would not have put Zippo through that either. We ended up putting our Mr.Midnight down because he just didn't feel good at all...and laid around and wouldn't eat. He was old and they didn't think he should go through a ton of tests to maybe find nothing. I never regretted it although I missed him terribly. Just before they gave him the shot he looked right at me and sighed...and I KNEW that HE knew. Now I am tearing up writing this. Blessings- your Zippo looks so much better. xo Diana

  4. Glad you have had some better news about Zippo, I hope that things continue to look up for him and you!

  5. Zippo looks great! So glad that the meds are helping. I have a few of those blue glass bottles in my kitchen window. They are some of my fav. things. Looks like a good day.

  6. I saw a bourbon barrel on Facebook Marketplace last week for 50!
    I love the Kane County Flea Market and need to go back soon.
    I am glad Zippo is doing better, sending lots of kitty kisses.

  7. Good report about Zippo. I wish we had a decent flea market in our area. It sounds like the perfect way to spend a morning.

  8. Awww, poor little Zippo!! I made the same decision for my old girl, Lily. She's 15 and has a bunch of tumors but since they don't seem to bother her, we can leave them be. And I think the hat looks adorable!!

  9. Poor Zippo! I've decided that I need to really be wary of having the pupsters put under anesthesia at their age too.

  10. Good to hear good news on precious Zippo. I back you on not putting him through that eye surgery. It shows more love sparing him that than putting him through it. The hardest part of being a pet owner is when the decision has to be made to let them go when they're suffering. He looks good in this photo!

  11. I think Zippo looks great too, younger than his 18 years. He's had a loving family.

    Love those blue and light aqua bottles.

    Happy August ~ FlowerLady

  12. Ah so sweet to hear the good news about Zippo! And I enjoyed the rest of the post as well :)

  13. I'd love to go to a flea market like this-did I miss the name? I can bet it was even more lively with your family along. Good times! The button you found that brought back your nickname for Phil will certainly be treasured. I'm so happy for you and Brian for that.

    Glad to hear about Zippo. It's always good to get news that makes sense.


  14. Such good news about Zippo! It must be such a relief for you!

  15. Good decision about Zippo my friend. He's such a sweetie, and there's no need to put him through that.

    I love hats, but alas, don't wear them well. I think you look adorable!


  16. Love flea markets and which one was it...was it the one in WI? You remind me of me...I've never like hats and don't feel I look good in them..but I think the hat looks cute on you...So glad Zippo is doing so much better..His eye change was amazing..Great find on the pin!

  17. The flea market looks like fun! I am glad your kitty is on the mend. We had a kitty who had to have an eye removed at three years old and she almost didn't make it. Our kitty suffered a lot with that surgery. She ended up living until she was about twenty, so it was worth it, but honestly if she were much older at the time, I would do exactly what you are doing.

  18. I'm really quite shocked that you only spent 50 cents at the flea market! I'm not into antiques, but even I would spend more than that. Ha ha


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