Monday, July 24, 2017

what to do about those blank walls

Ever since we had some work done in our kitchen and it was repainted, I've been hesitant to hang anything on the walls. I didn't want to hang what we had there before, and I also didn't want to hang "just anything" for the sake of filling up blank wall space. I had shopped at a few places and brought wall art home with me, only to find it didn't look as good as I had hoped. I didn't find anything I was looking for online either.

One day, I was in the basement doing laundry, and was looking around at some of my home decor stash. I brought up this white frame and yellow tray, affixed it to the kitchen wall with Command strips, and stood back...

 I liked it!

Here's what the kitchen wall looks like in its entirety. You can see I still need something on the other side of the china cabinet. But here's the thing: I think I want to get rid of the china cabinet, the cart and stool and instead put a cube storage unit on that wall. I could then fill the cubes with cookbooks, large serving dishes, and small kitchen appliances that I have stored in the basement. But I don't think Brian's too keen on the idea of getting rid of the china cabinet. It has sentimental value. It was the first good piece of furniture that we bought in our early married days. We bought it at a beautiful vintage furniture store that is now out of business. There's nowhere else in the house to put it.

Here's what I had in mind: the IKEA Kallax cubes - turned on its side, of course. We could even put legs on the bottom of it to raise it up a bit. 

When I was in the basement rummaging around, I also brought up these two canvas pieces and again, used Command strips to hang them on an empty section of the living room wall. Command strips are a lifesaver in my house because I change things around all the time! Not to mention, no nail holes to deal with.

Where do you find unique ideas or art for blank walls?


  1. I really like the frame and tray---it is such a creative idea and looks fantastic! I also like the canvas prints. Sometimes I look at some of my art and little pieces downstairs and I have a whole new liking for them, just no place to put them!

    I like the cabinet but sometimes we evolve and want to try new things. Is there someone in your family who might want it? You want a good home for it, I'm sure.

    I'm enjoying the nice temps, aren't you? Please let it stay this way for a while!

    Jane x

  2. That tray looks so nice! The paintings look great too. Can you keep the cabinet in a different part of the house instead? I might try that first instead of getting rid of it altogether, it's such a nice piece of furniture, but you have to do what works for the space in your house. I finally got a china cabinet after about 7 years of marriage - part of a used set with table and chairs from IKEA that I bought on Craigslist. It's nothing special, but it was so nice to finally unpack my better set of dishes that had only been in boxes in the closet before that. I have often thought I'd enjoy having open shelves or some kind of cube storage instead, but it works for now. Hope you're having a good week, Melanie.

  3. I have a wall of those IKEA cubes in my craft room and I love them. I think the tray and frame is so cute, great look. The other art looks good also. I switch things up some but leave my hanging art like it is mostly.

  4. Cute idea with the tray and frame...sometimes things just pop out at you and you know they are just right!
    I think the cubes would be a great idea. I know you said the first floor doesn't have a place for it--but how about downstairs as a storage/decorative piece? Just hard when you like something and it has some meaning to you but doesn't really fit into what you want to do with your home. Good luck! xo Diana

  5. I like what you did with the frame and tray, very nice. The two canvases that you hung look great too.

    Maybe you could move the china cabinet to where the stool and your new artwork are hanging, with the IKEA cabinet then in the larger open space? Just a thought. I can understand your husband not wanting to get rid of it for sentimental reasons. Could you paint it? Don't stress but relax and something will come to you.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. I love the plant, tray, and frame!! I really like the china cabinet too. Maybe just not have it centered on the wall. Play around with putting it on one end or the other. Or having something similar to the plant , stool, and framed pieces on the other side of the cabinet, instead of the rolling cart. It's a pretty cabinet just like it is, but painting it may be an option for a pop of color!

  7. I love your new art! Very creative! I have never used the strips before, they seem like a great solution!

  8. I love your new art and that cute stool with the plant.

    I never have blank walls with Steve's art.

  9. How great that you made your own art, far more individual!

  10. I like the frame with the tray. That china cabinet is pretty darn skinny. Are you sure you can't find another spot for it? Then again, we hang on to stuff for sentimental reasons when it no longer really serves us. Funny that you are ready for change and Brian is the one that might not be ready to let go. :) You could always just get rid of the cart and find a bookshelf that would be the height of where you have the frame on the right. That would balance everything out and you'd have room for those things you want to display/store there, rather than hanging something else. I have zero wall space ... hanging things and filling up empty spots has never been a problem for me. :) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  11. I love what you did with the tray, very unique. My problem is that I don't have enough walls . . . they are all full and I wish I had more. I've been wanting to put up a design wall for quilting, but I just can't make myself take other favorite things down to create the space for it. You certainly gave your blog the perfect name. Your home always looks so inviting and comfortable; the way a home should be. I think that some people get the words "home" and "display-room" mixed up. To me a home should be pretty and clean but also a place to kick off your shoes (and your bra, if no one is coming over) and relax and be yourself.

  12. Love the look of the frame around the tray! Perfect!

  13. I love that tray with the frame around it. Beautiful and it ties that yellow in the hallway behind it perfectly. Command hooks are awesome aren't they? Now if you could just find some to hold up the Ikea cube, then you could swap back the cabinet when Brian wanted to see it again! If only!


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