Wednesday, June 21, 2017

the first day of summer, self-care, and a vintage plant stand

 We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day for the first day of summer. Temps were in the 70's F with low humidity. I was carless today - Tim had to borrow my car to go to work, as his car was in the shop. Normally I hate being without a car as there's rarely a day I'm not running out somewhere, whether it be errands or physical therapy. I also don't like the feeling of being without a car at my disposal - just in case of an emergency or I have a hankering to go somewhere. However, today being carless turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I got so much done both inside the house and out in the yard.

I did some light housework and laundry, then spent two hours outside thoroughly cleaning the patio, repotting some plants, spray painting a few decor items, and cleaning out a small area in the garage.

But, best of all, I took the time for some self-care. I did my PT exercises and light yoga and then I actually got on my bike for the first time since my knee surgery. I could've rode sooner - it wasn't a physical thing - but I've either been off and running somewhere, or the weather was too hot. Unfortunately, I think there's something wrong with the gears on the bike, so I'm going to have Brian take a look at it. If he can't figure it out, it's going into the bike shop. I want to make bike riding a regular thing since it's good for my knee.

After all that sweaty work, I took a bath, shaved my legs, and painted my toenails. Then
I had my late morning smoothie on the front porch while reading Denise Levertov poetry. Now that was relaxing. I need to take the time to do things like that more often. I'm a very high-energy person and always doing something. That's a good thing in its own way - I mean, I'm glad I have a lot of energy most days - but as someone who also has high anxiety, I have to remember that it's also good to take a little time to relax and do something calming.

In other news, this past weekend I stopped by a favorite antique shop to see what kind of outdoor goodies they had. 

For a little shop, I sure wasn't disappointed. I was looking around, liking what I saw but nothing really striking me as "have to have for my yard".


All of a sudden, I saw this plant stand. I knew it would be perfect for my patio. I had been looking for a metal plant stand all season, but with no luck. For several years, I was using a wicker shelving unit that I got a long time ago at a thrift store. From being exposed to the elements all those years, it was peeling and worn, with the bottom shelf falling apart. 

Here's the plant stand in its new home - on my patio. 
I think it's just perfect. :-)

Happy Summer!


  1. Yes, that plant stand is perfect and you have fixed it up so cute. Love it!
    Good to hear that you are feeling up to riding a bike. Your day sounds very productive. Sometimes it can be a good thing to be forced into carlessness.

  2. "I took a bath, shaved my legs, and painted my toenails." That sweet friend sounds like heaven . . . I haven't had a bath for way too long, LOL Always in a hurry and taking a quick shower, but baths are so relaxing. I enjoy painting my toenails in the summer because I am always in sandals . . . but I haven't done it yet. I think that I am going to take a cue from you and treat myself to a relaxing day. Life is too short to not pamper ourselves now and then.
    Your plant stand is perfect and I really like the way you added cheerful colors and playful elements as well as plants.
    Happy Summer.
    P.S. I'm so happy that your knee is well and that you can ride your bike . . . these are the pleasures that we look forward to all winter when we are shoveling snow. Good for you :)

  3. I know how you feel about not having a car at your disposal. I know I can always call one of my kids who live close if hubby needs my car but it's that 'thing'~~~your independence. Still, you made the best of your day. Now tell me how you got all of those things accomplished by late morning if you didn't wake up at 3 a.m? You are a dynamo. I am pitiful until about 10 in the morning!

    Love your garden stand. I saw a few things in the picture I would have snapped up. Then again I'm supposed to be downsizing!!! ;-D

    Love your is original and cozy looking. Happy Summer!

    Jane x

  4. I love days like you had yesterday. Your plants look great and I love your new plant stand. I've been itching to buy myself a bike. I keep telling myself that's something I will do for exercise. :))

  5. Your backyard is amazing. I think you should host a blogger lunch there. HINT HINT.

  6. I'm so glad you had such a good day. It feels good to accomplish some tasks, take time for yourself and rest! I love that plant stand! What a great find. I would love one to display my vintage pottery on! Hugs!

  7. That is a great plant stand - and it was there waiting for you to give it a lovely home! Know you will have fun with it the aqua/yellow theme is very pretty.

    Glad your knee is coming along well by sound it Mel. Just be careful on the bike.

    Yes, like you, I don't relax a lot - although I do get my pedicures done at the salon along with my nails every couple f weeks, and that's relaxation for far too long! Always seem to be coming and going, running errands, going to appts. etc. I stayed home yesterday and cooked - soup, veggie black bean chili, a chocolate lava cake! Then washed all my china soup tureens and polished the shelves each side of the fireplace where I display them - then did laundry. I love days like that!

    Have a lovely weekend - hope your weather continues to be lovely - too warm here of course, the heat of summer is upon us!
    Mary -

  8. Looks like you had a very successful shopping day and a relaxing first day of summer. I am looking forward to a few of those. Maybe in July after the scurry of school has ended!

  9. What a great day you had and your plant stand looks wonderful in it's new home.

    Happy summer ~ FlowerLady

  10. Your hostas are amazing! :) Clearly very happy there :)

  11. Love the new plant stand. I actually love when I am stranded at home, it is a cozy feeling.

  12. What a cute little plant stand.

    Have fun this summer riding your bike and strenghening your knee.

  13. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Like you, I'm in my car a lot and don't often spend a day not going out somewhere. Your mention of Denise Levertov takes me back in time. It's been years since I've read her poetry. It would be interesting to re-read some of it now. Time and experience has a way of making old books new again.

  14. I love that plant stand, you were lucky to find it before it was snapped up! Those blue and yellow pots look so nice on it now. I also enjoyed going back and seeing more of your lovely garden. We don't have any hostas here, had many at our old place and I sure do miss them. They're on our long plant list now. Melanie, what are those columnar evergreens behind your eating area outdoors? I love them.

    Yes, being carless can be a blessing with no distractions. I rarely leave but it's a comfort knowing my car is there if I want to.

    I hope you do get your bicycle fixed soon, especially if it's good for your knee.

    June's almost over, I hope the last few days of it are lovely for you,


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