Tuesday, January 5, 2016

starting with a clean slate

 Welcome, 2016! This was the sunset on New Year's Day when we were walking out of Barnes and Noble. We head there at the beginning of every year to get planners, calendars and Christmas cards at 50% off.

That little virus I had after Christmas - the sore throat, headache, and tiredness - was gone in a few days and never progressed into anything where I was truly sick. I hope it was due to using natural remedies as soon as I felt that sore throat coming on. Or maybe it was one of those minor bugs that would've went away quickly on its own anyway. Either way, I'm thankful it passed quickly.

Like many of you, I've been working on putting the house back together after getting all the Christmas stuff packed up and put away. While I like the pretty lights and warmth of Christmas decorations, I enjoy starting January with a fresh, clean look. I got the other two white kitchen chairs from overstock, so now there's finally a complete matching set around the kitchen table. 

Also, that's Clementine sitting by the heater vent. One of her favorite spots in the winter. ;-)

Found those cute rooster oven mitts on winter clearance at Crate and Barrel. Needed new oven mitts anyway, so win-win. And, do you see the middle shelf of the china cabinet...a peek of the red and white cake stand?

That was an impulse Target purchase. (No way...not at Target!) Normally I don't buy cheap, made-in-China stuff like this, but I couldn't resist the red and white, especially since it was only $5.

Changed out the winter snowmen plates on top of the fridge for something lighter. I know I could've kept the snowmen plates out all winter, but again, in the mood for lighter and brighter right now.

Moving into the living room, I brought out some of my milk glass pieces, but notice I did keep one snowman alive and well...

I used more milk glass pieces on the buffet. Digging in my linens storage box, I found this vintage, white, cotton piece that belonged to my grandma. We think its from when they used coverlets over pillows, but we're not completely sure. I have it folded in half on the buffet. Any thoughts as to what this might be, if not the pillow coverlet? It's about five feet long.

No milk glass on the entryway console table, but capturing the colors in the mirror and curtains with other accessories.

 Sunset casting a warm glow tonight in the living room...

And there's Miss Clementine once again by a heating vent. Yawning this time. ;-)
Diffuser going on the little table by the window.
Can you make out Zippo on the blanket on the couch? That's one of his favorite sleeping spots. 

Here's to a clean, fresh start for 2016 - hopefully, in several different ways.

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  1. It's so nice getting the house back in order after the holidays. Your rooms look warm and cozy. I just read your previous post about 2015. It makes me wish I had been more faithful about blogging this year. I tended to be hit or miss. But it also motivates me to do better this year. Happy New Year, Melanie!

  2. You have a lovely home, Melanie! I love the pretty blue and white in the kitchen! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Your kitty made me laugh. When I was little we used to have a heat vent on the floor in the dining room and I used to curl up around it to get warm. My mom used to call me a cat! My kitty and I actually used to fight over the spot! Fun memories.

  4. You home looks so pretty, Mel, and I don't blame you for wanting to downsize the pieces. I, too, have left a few snow/winter related things...perfect and wintry.

    I hope you feel 100% soon. Sometimes I let things like colds try to run their course and other times I try over the counter remedies for relief. In truly bad situations, I call my doc. You do well with your home remedies---I admire that.

    Jane x

  5. Hi Melanie, your home looks wonderful. I could sure use some of your energy to get moving on mine. We have so much snow right now and it is just so cold that I haven't wanted to dig my way to the shed to put away the tree, we have never had a tree up this long in your 39 years of marriage. Steve loves Chistmas so he is okay with it, b u t I'm getting ready to start digging my way to the shed,LOL.

  6. Hi Melanie, your home looks wonderful. I could sure use some of your energy to get moving on mine. We have so much snow right now and it is just so cold that I haven't wanted to dig my way to the shed to put away the tree, we have never had a tree up this long in your 39 years of marriage. Steve loves Chistmas so he is okay with it, b u t I'm getting ready to start digging my way to the shed,LOL.

  7. Love your kitchen, so cheerful! I'm always glad to get the Christmas decorations put away. So much easier to clean without all that extra stuff. I know what you mean about resale and getting improvement costs back. I'm at the point where I don't want to do any big improvements as we already have more in this house than we'll ever get back. And I'm starting to think about moving before too many more years.

  8. Your home looks great! I am ready to get mine cleaned up and refreshed also!

  9. Hi Melanie, I always enjoy seeing your home decor. I love your new cake stand, it's so cute. I had been wanting a cake stand and bought a really cute white enameled metal one at Hobby Lobby, but when I took it home I realized it had a weird lip around the edge that looked like it would make it hard to use for a cake, so back it went. I'm still in the market, so I may check Target. :) Hope you're having a good week.

  10. Your home looks nice. I love how the kitty keeps laying on the registers, hah. I have some pictures laying out but I can't find a hammer. I know we have them somewhere. What box would have them hiding. I can't een find my little craft hammer. Oh well, I will just look at other blogs and go buy a hammer. Happy New YEar.

  11. Your home is so pretty. You've inspired me to get moving on projects.

    Have a great rest of the week and be well ~ FlowerLady

  12. Oh, how I would love to have such a neat, clean house. It might happen for five minutes every once in awhile, so I try to soak it up when it does. We're still packing up Christmas things, but most is put away.
    I have quite a few of the lace-edge milk glass dishes like you have on the buffet. We used them on the candy table at Jess's wedding reception. It was a fun look with all the different candies in them, and I bought vintage silver spoons to put in each one for serving. I think I'll get them out for Layla's first birthday party in a couple of weeks and fill them with treats.

  13. I was just at B&N today, too. I forgot about calendars there but walked on in the mall and found a kiosk selling them for half price. I bought a cute Lang kitty calendar for my little office space.
    Your home looks so pretty and I am still trying to get Christmas put away. My kitties loved to snuggle up under the tree. It must be the warmth from the lights.

  14. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and enjoying making changes to your décor again! xx

  15. So glad you're feeling better, Melanie. Your nice fresh decor makes me want to get busy packing mine away but it will have to be another day. I do have my diffuser going and our cat is hugging the hearth.

    Your kitchen is lovely with the sun shining on its blue walls and lovely wood china cabinet--love those little birds perched on your new cake stand!

  16. There seems to be so much sickness going around these weeks. So glad you kicked the bug sooner than later, Melanie! Your home looks clean, fresh, and so pretty!
    Mary Alice

  17. Your home is so lovely, Melanie - so warm and welcoming! I love to see plants everywhere, too - just like me!

  18. Melanie,
    I love your cat and she makes me smile on IG too:)
    Your home is so lovely, fresh and so spotless!
    Do you know, I bought that same cake stand at target-in all white-didn't we find a great deal.

  19. My cat sits on a heater vent to, somethings i think she blocks most of the heat and I sit with a heavy throw on! It's been so gloomy and I'm using lighter colors too and was lucky enough to find a "fur" throw thrifting. Like the light vignettes you created and the cake stand is cute.

  20. You're home looks all clean and fresh for 2016! Happy new year!

  21. what a lovely sunset and your Clementine and my cat are on the same page ( heater area ) in the winter! :)

    I love the last shot of the winter sun streaming in...all golden and warm, cozy and lovely :)

  22. I'm so glad you're feeling better, Melanie and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your home tour. You have such a lovely home... :)

  23. Your house looks lovely. I really like the blue walls and beadboard in your kitchen. My daughter also collects milk glass.

  24. Your chairs look fabulous around your kitchen table, Melanie! And I love the cake stand you found at Target. Your cat has the same habit as I do. I sit on the bedroom radiator when I'm feeling chilled.

    Your home looks so organized and fresh after the holidays!


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