Tuesday, August 11, 2015

a little spruce-up and a lovely birthday

I bought this large wicker basket at a thrift store and knew I wanted to paint it "some day" and finally got around to accomplishing that last week. I just used painter's tape to separate the two colors, and then used spray paint. I like the way it turned out.

 And then there's this boring, brown console table that I wanted to experiment with...

I know a lot of people would be like, "OK, so go ahead and paint it, what's the big deal?" But you're talking to someone who is not good with painting furniture. Just not one of my fortes. So I decided to paint just the drawers. I used the Americana Decor chalk paint from Hobby Lobby. 

You wouldn't believe how much of an ordeal just painting and waxing two drawers was for me. What would probably take anyone else an hour at most, took me a couple of days.

I'm sure this table would look better with the top and/or shelves painted white, too but I'm not sure about that either. For now, I'm just leaving it as is. 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had an enjoyable day yesterday with cards, presents, and then a fabulous Thai dinner out with Brian and Tim.

After we parted ways with Tim and were on our way home, we stopped in the downtown area of our town to take a walk along the riverwalk. We also went into the local cupcake shop to pick up my complementary birthday cupcake and chat with some locals. 

Turning 29 wasn't so bad after all. ;-)

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  1. Happy 29th birthday! It sounds like a very nice celebration. I like your basket and table, I think they turned out nicely. I've never tried chalk paint but if it's anything like milk paint (which I suspect it is), it isn't easy to work with and you did really well anyway. Hope you're having a good week, Melanie.

  2. It sounds like you had a truly lovely day! That river walk is really charming, I'd love to walk along it myself. I'm with you, painting is not my forte. I'm okay with painting small craft projects, but nothing big.

  3. Well Happy 29th! I'm not good at painting either. I get more on myself and track it around on my shoes than what I'm painting. I think the white drawers look nice!

  4. Happy Birthday, young lady! All the very best in health, love, and happiness! Your birthday dinner goodies look scrumptious, and I'm sure that complimentary birthday cupcake was very sweet, indeed! How lovely that river walk looks, and what fun it must have been to meet up with locals and exchange news. You have the best outings, my friend!


  5. Happy Birthday! It sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. I like the painted/stained wood mix of the console. I've done a few pieces like that. . . it's the perfect compromise for me (who loves painted wood) and my husband (who prefers stained). And the basket is so sweet!

  6. Glad you enjoyed extending your birthday! The basket and drawers look good on their own and together! I like the two tone - or three tone! - of the basket especially. xx

  7. I love your little spruce up...it looks great! so does that dinner :)

  8. I love your table with just the drawers painted white! I like the contemporary look of it that way. We are chalk paint dropouts. My husband and son spent days sanding down the big harvest table I've used as my kitchen table for over 40 years. We bought the chalk paint that Benjamin Moore sells, can't remember its name, the whole set of 4 products. Used the first one, green, as a base and then liked it so much we chickened out of applying the others except for the last coat of sealer.

    Your birthday sounded like the perfect celebration, as did the day out with your mother and aunt. Happy birthday to you!

  9. So glad your birthday was fun! Love your projects! :)

  10. I like the three-tone wicker basket. Happy Birthday.

  11. I actually adore the fact that only the drawers are painted on your console. It looks unique and it gives it a lighter look than only wood. Happy late birthday!

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