Friday, September 16, 2011

mish mash of stuff

 Hope you all don't mind if this post is on a few different subjects. Sometimes, I'll have a couple of pictures that aren't worthy of their own post; other times there are days I feel I just don't know what to say; and then there are times where there there just isn't enough time to create a blog post!

 Labor Day was spent at my mom's house with extended family. We had a delicious array of fresh salads...

And my mom made her famous southern fried chicken. Most of my family is quite health conscious, and I can only speak for myself, but I haven't had fried chicken in many years.
And it will be many years before I have it again.
Once in a blue moon doesn't hurt, right?

Even the family dogs had a get-together. From left to right is my Aunt Suzie holding her Pug, Penny; then there's my niece, Hannah holding my mom's Pomeranian, LuLu; and my sister, Laura is holding her Pug, Phoebe.
Phoebe and Penny are sisters from the same litter.

After dinner, we all played Apples to Apples....

Had to show you all a picture of my mom's hutch that she uses for dry food storage.
Isn't this a pretty way to store beans, rice, flour, and other dried goods?
The hutch is in a little room that you walk into from the garage.

Then, last weekend, hubby and I took a day trip to the town of St. Charles (IL). I love the homes in this stately and classy.
I love the porch on this house. I could sit out there and rock the day away.

This house would make a great B&B.

Does anyone know what this plant is? It was part of a huge outdoor container. Is it some kind of wild grass? Whatever it is, I love it.

A close-up of the same plant...

In-between work days and weekend outings, I'm digging out fall clothes and decorations. The closets in our house are small, so we have to store out-of-season clothing in storage totes in the basement. I have a ton of laundry to do now. I'm trying to have the positive attitude that instead of all this laundry being a burden, that it's a blessing that we have so many clothes to wear.

I love summer - it's my favorite season - so I'm s-l-o-w-l-y putting touches
of fall into my home decor.

I love the owl pottery piece on the bottom shelf. Found it at Goodwill. :-)

Changing up the pillows on the couch is easy to do.
And guess where 4 out of the 5 pillows are from? ;-)
Zippo doesn't care - as long as I leave a spot for him to snooze on.


  1. Zippo is so cute!!! And the puppies are adorable too. Your salads sure look good. I have a friend who makes great fried chicken and I've had hers a couple of times. But I never make it that way myself. It's easier (and better for me ) to roast or grill.

  2. This was mish mash of fun times with family. Those salads look great. I don't do fried food anymore either, plus am vegetarian so no chicken for me. The pups and Zippo are so cute. Hard for me to think about Fall when our temps are still so hot here! I have been wanting to get organized enough to change out my living room decor for the seasons but not quite there yet. :/ Hope you have a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. P.S. I love your mom's hutch and the jars for storage. Lovely! I've been to St. Charles once. We usually stay in Schaumburg for a few days when we head to the States via Chicago. :)

  4. I love random posts like this!! Sometimes all the things going on in our lives catch up with us!

    I have been to St. Charles a few times...I LOVE the old homes and the river. It's been awhile but I'd love to go back and see what's new!

    Your Labor Day sounds like it was fun. The cool weather made it nice, but it was a little TOO cool in the evening! I'm enjoying the temps we are having now.

    Yes, it's time to bring out the warmer clothes. We are going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks so I can't pack away too many things just yet. It's a ritual for sure.

    Happy Weekend!!


    P.S. Love the beginnings of your fall decor!

  5. Love all your pictures Melanie! Happy belated anniversary to you and Brian!

  6. How pretty! I got as far as putting my fall wreath on the front door and buying some mums for the deck. Pillows and other things will have to wait until next weekend.

    As for canning, it's certainly not difficult so I'm sure you'd do well if you tried. However, it does take a fair amount of time!

  7. Hi Melanie, these pictures are great. I don't remember you ever talking about photography as a hobby or career, but you are really good! have you ever thought about trying to do it professionally?

    those salads look so good! I like your mom's assorted jars of food too. Those people who say everything has to be new and matched just don't know interesting and pretty a mix of things can be.

    hope you have a nice week.

  8. Melanie, we heard the Bach Aria Soloists (amazing!!) and another group ... I missed their name ... they were a jazz band. Both groups were very talented.

  9. I love that stately home too. It's gorgeous. Those salads look delicious.

  10. How about a blog entry with those yummy salad recipes??? Loved stopping in to see family and pets. Pugs are such funny and cute dogs.

    Autumn is my favorite season and Jos still has not gotten into the attic for my box of decorations. I might attempt it myself today. I so want to get started and even more so having seen some of your decorations! It is all looking lovely in your home. And Zippo is cute as ever!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  11. Great post, love your Mothers dry goods hutch. Your little touches of Autumn are lovely too. I'm thinking I may need to do that soon too. Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

  12. I so love your Mom's hutch!That is a gorgeous way to store dry food and you can see what you have so easily.

    Don't know what that plant is but it's very cool - so architectural!


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